Two late nights, two tired, too tired…

Last night was the Jr. Pee Wee’s Pop Warner play off game.  Started @ 7.  Miss Cheer had to be there @ 6, Miss Soccer had practice @ 615.  Everyone made it where they needed to be on time and I taxied and waited and Miss Soccer and I went to catch the 2nd half of the game–I am a fabulous wife and gave Hubby a pass–however, shooting myself in the foot doing so because it was flippin’ COLD @ that game AND it didn’t get over until 9 therefore putting the little Misses to bed @ almost 10 after dinner and showers.  Usual bed time:  830.  Good times.









This morning was pretty decent considering they had Halloween to look forward to, so the rousing wasn’t too terrible.  And tonight was fun….trick or treating with a friend in an easy ‘hood…those girls BANKED on the candy (Dad and the boys are excited about that share-factor).  Holy cow.  However, after walking for an hour and a half and enjoying a creepy haunted house (not ME, I stayed on the sidewalk…call me chicken..I don’t care), it was again bed late. Tomorrow morning should be interesting, right?  Maybe I’ll just coax them with chocolate….

The Cowgirl and Erkel….(the boys are too big…sniff, sniff)

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