#Gosnell. MSM roundup, the day after the #Twitterfest

Let me first say that while I am fully recognizing that I am fortunate to be gainfully employed, it is also to be noted that such JOB absolutely interferes with my social interactions throughout the day (as well as blogging and exploring other hobbies), but hey…we gots to eat, right?  Anyway.  If you weren’t aware, on Friday, some GENIUS (and someone PLEASE let me know if you are aware of WHO started this train…just brilliant!), launched a full-out Twitter campaign to have Kermit Gosnell’s trial be the #1 trending topic to bring light to the complete mainstream media (MSM) blackout of the trial that has been happening since MARCH 18!!!!  Now listen, I am Catholic, follow mostly Catholics on Twitter, am relatively abreast on the news of the nation and world (“relatively”, because in all honesty the news is just plain depressing and I am a terribly sympathetic and empathetic individual and the news has a serious effect on my heart) and I have only been aware for a couple of weeks of the trial.  Back to Twitter….it was going OFF, OFF I say on #Gosnell.  It did, in fact, get MSM attention in a shame-fest.  Now, isn’t the whole job of a report to get a “scoop”..you know, the first to report on a happening?  We have a MSM full of chickens.  Yellow-bellied chickens.  By late afternoon/early evening there was a promise that Anderson Cooper was to  lead with the story on AC360 last night.  Other reporters started to comment on the lack of MSM coverage and The Washington Post vowed to do better in the coming days.  This morning I did a quick round up…”quick” means, scanning the FRONT internets page of the following MSM sites, I did also review “US, Nation and Politics headers” for other quick scans, because let’s be honest…most people get their news like that.  Here’s what I found based on my personal news folder at 6:30 a.m…therefore NOT exhaustive.  Not at all.  Because obviously I need to add the Atlantic in my folder, and life news…..

Breakdown of front pages:

CNN: a blip under “the latest”

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 6.28.24 AM

NY Times:  Nada

LA Times:  Nada

BBC News:  Nada

NPR:    Nada

USA Today:  Nope, however Kobe’s injury and the implications of his future are front and center…

Local news:  Guffaw….just for kicks and nope

RealClear Politics:    An entire section!!!Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 6.42.32 AM

Let’s hope in the coming days these headers change.  It’s hard stuff to read.  Disgusting.  Mind-searingly evil and incomprehensible and yet we must be informed.  Ignorance is not bliss.  C’mon MSM, you can do better than that.

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