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Spring fever Saturday

Day 6 of the blog-o-thon and SATURDAY.  Not to make anyone feel bad, but oh MY word!!!!!  The weather is stunning already and it’s only 7:20 a.m.

The life of a parent:  so funny…we had all 4 kids OUT of the house last night at once, which is unheard of. However…….as life would have it…..the times overlapped a bit and by the time we had the youngest dropped off at the skate rink, the tax guy showed up an hour earlier than anticipated, as he was finishing up our youngest son made it home.  The great news is that we were still able to sit and enjoy the 2nd to last episode of Downton in peace!!  And the taxes are done.  Not to mention we had leftovers, so I didn’t have to cook.  Overall:  GREAT night and no complaints!

Alleged to creep to almost 80 degrees today and we have a bike ride on the beach planned for the afternoon!!

Stole this from a friend who was at the beach the other day!!

Stole this from a friend who was at the beach the other day!!

Until then, though…..I must pay the bills and get the grocery list ready to tackle the “must-dos” before the “fun-dos”.

Happy Saturday!!!

#Gosnell. MSM roundup, the day after the #Twitterfest

Let me first say that while I am fully recognizing that I am fortunate to be gainfully employed, it is also to be noted that such JOB absolutely interferes with my social interactions throughout the day (as well as blogging and exploring other hobbies), but hey…we gots to eat, right?  Anyway.  If you weren’t aware, on Friday, some GENIUS (and someone PLEASE let me know if you are aware of WHO started this train…just brilliant!), launched a full-out Twitter campaign to have Kermit Gosnell’s trial be the #1 trending topic to bring light to the complete mainstream media (MSM) blackout of the trial that has been happening since MARCH 18!!!!  Now listen, I am Catholic, follow mostly Catholics on Twitter, am relatively abreast on the news of the nation and world (“relatively”, because in all honesty the news is just plain depressing and I am a terribly sympathetic and empathetic individual and the news has a serious effect on my heart) and I have only been aware for a couple of weeks of the trial.  Back to Twitter….it was going OFF, OFF I say on #Gosnell.  It did, in fact, get MSM attention in a shame-fest.  Now, isn’t the whole job of a report to get a “scoop” know, the first to report on a happening?  We have a MSM full of chickens.  Yellow-bellied chickens.  By late afternoon/early evening there was a promise that Anderson Cooper was to  lead with the story on AC360 last night.  Other reporters started to comment on the lack of MSM coverage and The Washington Post vowed to do better in the coming days.  This morning I did a quick round up…”quick” means, scanning the FRONT internets page of the following MSM sites, I did also review “US, Nation and Politics headers” for other quick scans, because let’s be honest…most people get their news like that.  Here’s what I found based on my personal news folder at 6:30 a.m…therefore NOT exhaustive.  Not at all.  Because obviously I need to add the Atlantic in my folder, and life news…..

Breakdown of front pages:

CNN: a blip under “the latest”

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 6.28.24 AM

NY Times:  Nada

LA Times:  Nada

BBC News:  Nada

NPR:    Nada

USA Today:  Nope, however Kobe’s injury and the implications of his future are front and center…

Local news:  Guffaw….just for kicks and nope

RealClear Politics:    An entire section!!!Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 6.42.32 AM

Let’s hope in the coming days these headers change.  It’s hard stuff to read.  Disgusting.  Mind-searingly evil and incomprehensible and yet we must be informed.  Ignorance is not bliss.  C’mon MSM, you can do better than that.

Olympics=International AWESOMENESS!!!!

image cred: CP entertainment

I love the Olympics.  Winter or Summer.  They are so exciting, motivating,and  inspiring and I love to soak up as much as I can get.  In between a full-time job, 4 kids and a Hubby it’s often not much, but thanks to technology…..I CAN get every bit of info and playback I need!  Phew.  I mean, there’s only so many hours in a day and there’s no medal in Olympic viewing….

So far, for these London Summer Olympics here are my Olympic observations:

1)Seriously over-the-top creative opening ceremonies.  Um, the baby thing was a teensy bit creepy but overall (what I saw) was extremely imaginative and told quite the story spanning decades.  I loved Daniel Craig and the Queen and got a kick out of trying to explain to our daughter how Her majesty got from the plane/parachute to her seat for the ceremony so quickly and gracefully.  Lots of unexpected twists, however, like it or lump it….that show was some SERIOUSLY creative work and immense effort and organization to pull it off.  My head almost blew up imagining the logistics of it all!

2)  Awesome commercials, WAAAAAAY better than the Superbowl!  My current fave is Ryan Lochte (local boy done good….except for the UF part, but hey this ‘Nole will let that slide…) swimming to London.  David Boudia “diving” off world’s tallest building for Visa is pretty phenomenal, too.  Of course, there’s the P&G commercial with the nod to Moms in the training of Olympians and the sacrifices made in getting to the Olympics. Truly though, if you look in the stands you certainly see lots of dads and other family members present as well.  I only have to look to my own friends and their swimming/lacrosse/running/baseball/soccer/volleyball kids (and my own) and see the sacrifices made on an ongoing basis.  The crockpot is your friend, repeat after me….

3)  Speaking of families, I also love the numerous olympic stories that we hear about.  John Orozco, one of the US Men’s gymnast hopefuls was one that I caught last night. The amount of drive and discipline ALL of the Olympians have is astounding and this young man is no different.  His desire to make a better life for his entire family is touching.  The dude’s strength and prowess on the pommel horse and parallel bars, sheesh!  These guys make it look so easy, meanwhile I am huffing, puffing and using a chair and maybe get my chin up over the bar for a second.

4) The watching of the Olympics itself is an event.  An all-day event (thanks to the time difference here in the States).  The weekend has been great, but now it’s back to work, what to do?  what to do???  Ah, but there’s an app for that (and an app for walking/running if so inspired by the Olympics….):

Sshhhh, don’t tell my boss, but I am hooked up for work-day viewing! Just need to keep it charged!

Of course there are also Olympic watching parties.  We went to one last night. A friend of a friend hosted it at their mansion house on the river.  Food out the wazoo and Olympics on about 72″ of HDTV.  New people to meet, watching boats troll down the river from a day out on the water, fireworks to the south.  It was exhausting!

This little hairless kitten was one of the host’s pets…oh the interesting things you come upon when at an Olympic watching party…

5) The outfits which so far have been mostly swimsuits and gymnastics-wear, which just further point out the differences between the Olympian’s discipline and my lack-of-discipline.  Whatev. (If AT&T comes knocking on my door for some sponsorship I may consider cutting out the sweets.  Maybe.) I was interested to see the US women’s beach volleyball and Australia’s women beach volleyball match and even more interested in the difference in uniforms.  Once I got past the fact that the Aussies were quite covered up I realized at least those girls didn’t have to deal with the sand digging into areas sand ought not be AND that they also didn’t have to keep yanking up their bottoms.  It was different for sure.  However, they may be on to something.  Don’t get me wrong now, I was FULLY cheering our US moms on and thrilled for their win to move on!!

**speaking of outfits, how about the Dutch women’s field hockey team.  Wow.  Beautiful ladies.  Eye raising uniforms…..

6) More watching today with rowing, swimming, synchronized diving–China is the SHIZ, but SO happy our girls did so well!!  I was so exhausted from so many sports I needed a 2-hour nap to recuperate from it all.  Sheesh.  We should get bonus workouts just from vicariously participating in all this activity, in my opinion!! Who’s with me???  No worries, I’ll still be up at o’dark hundred for boot camp, even without sponsors and fanfare. (or not, since apparently we have a little bug going through our house and Hubby and daughter are battling it out for my doctoring skills….and it’s 1:40 a.m.—–guessing this is the REAL reason God gave me a huge nap today!)

I’m sure there will be more likes and inspirations as the days carry forth with the medal watching and you can be sure I’M watching whatever I can squeeze in!!  How about you?  Are you cheering on your country and becoming a little bit obsessed, or are you like my boys:  all like….whatever??  I swear, I don’t even know who they are…

Before and After, a DIY project

We inherited my parent’s old entertainment center when we moved into our house 3 years ago and it was fine.  It provided a lot of storage and display space and served its primary purpose of housing the TV and DVR/Wii/CD player.  But…… wasn’t really our “style”…not that I’m really sure exactly what our “style” is, but that wasn’t it.

A blurry catty-corner photo of the old entertainment center at Christmas…

We’ve been on  a little search for what we wanted to replace it with and LOVED the ideas on IKEA’s website (and trust me, I’m sure we will frequent the site again for other items….), however, we had the gist of what we wanted. One weekend Hubby came across and estate sale and found a great buffet that we could refinish into what we had in mind for the TV, etc.  Sadly, by the time I made it to the sale the piece was gone…….but, tucked away in the back of the house was another sideboard.  And lots of potential.  Hubby talked them down to $50 (from $95, by letting them keep the hardware that came with it–it was AWFUL and we were happy to let them keep it!).  And so we came home with our little DIY project.  (By OUR, please understand that translates to my Hubby, in which I will happily take joint credit.  We all should know where the real sweat and effort came from though, to be fair.)  Without further blah, blah, blah…here is the story in pics:

A view from the front-ish…apparently I don’t care for a head-on pic of anything….

All opened up

During the “sanding down” process and the top drawer converted to a fold down space for the DVD player to be housed/hidden

Lining up the new hardware

Coat 1 applied, pre-lacquer

Letting the 2nd coat and 2nd lacquer dry….was way too humid in the garage!!

New hardwarde….top: drawer pull and bottom: door pulls

It’s so hard to take a decent picture of a black-lacquered piece of furniture, so here’s a B&W view…..

…..and here’s a color view, in action! A little Jack Johnson on Pandora!

So pleased!!  Can’t wait to see Hubby’s next project….let me go find my list!  😉







Friday: The Rainbow edition

A Friday tradition is to join in with Jennifer and her international friends @ Conversion Diary and share a weekly wrap up, not only is it a great way to boost the stats on the blog BUT……it’s a great way to find NEW blogs to read. Win-win, people, win-win.

I’ll be doing this in (mostly) photo version today, mostly because I need to wake up a bunch of kids and get to work, and because it seemed I took a bunch of pictures on my iPhone this week…, I thought I’d share!

1.  We are ready for the Olympics!!! Are you???  We are so excited!!  In fact, several months ago we gave up cable (no one was really watching anyway AND it saved us about $70 a month), BUT….in order to watch the Olympics (not on the laptop) hubby put up an antennae to grab signal so that we can get the local affiliate and join in.  It took MUCH sweat and effort on his part, lots of brain power and in the end….a sweet, crisp picture and now we also have a few local channels (which is great for severe weather, usually we are just oblivious and watch the skies) and SEVERAL Spanish channels.  Bring on the Olympic torch!!

Set up and ready to go!!

2.  Speaking of Olympic prowess and excitement, my personal buff and ripped self 😉

came to a screeching halt this week when somehow, someway I managed to pull something in my shoulder/upper back and had to skip most of the week babying it.  My new best friend is:

These things are the BOMB! Seriously, they last like 8 hours!!! And as a bonus, I don’t feel like I’m 80 anymore!

3.  Also, in preparation for the Olympics, we bought a great little buffet at an estate sale for $50 (Hubby is a good negotiator!) and after much sweat (his), some cursing (his) and some muscles (mine and his, I had to help him move it around a little) it’s been refurnished and now is our new entertainment stand…more to come in a before and after post:

Much cleaner look than our previous entertainment center.

4.  In other entertainment news, my current read

This book is FASCINATING!!! Why did I take so long to read it?!?!

5.  My forgetfulness has come to a whole new level, not one but TWO reminders this morning from my little entrepreneurs…..

Apparently my mantra of “if you want me to remember, write it down” has finally sunk in!

6.  An awesome sight the other night

Something about rainbows…

Our daughter looked up and said…”God’s promise”. Love it. A double promise this time!

7.  No picture of this, but since I’ve been getting as much overtime as possible this and last week, I am super glad it’s Friday.  It will be worth it when it takes the sting out of the back-to-school shopping comes.  Soon.  Far.  Too.  Soon.

Blessings to you all!!