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I can’t do it all!!

I am fascinated by some of my friends and the number of TV shows they DVR and actually watch!!  And I wonder what in the heck am I doing wrong?  Personally, I have nothing against TV (though some of the content shown is suspect, and seriously??  I know CSI is a huge hit, but how many versions do we need????) but I just can’t seem to find time to watch it.  Truth be told, without DVR, I don’t think I’d have the patience for it either.  So, I am dissecting my “problem” this morning, in the wee, quiet hours of the morning with the windows open and the entire house blissfully still sleeping.

1.  We have 4 children and currently 1 TV.  Our kids actually don’t watch a ton of TV; they enjoy it, but prefer to be doing other things.  Of course with time change right around the corner, outside activities will be curtailed at an earlier hour and as a result, TV viewing will go up.  It’s a cycle…However, there is frequently homework to be done, reviewed and helped with; blaring TV’s (even softly blaring) are a huge distraction and so it stays off.

2.  I like to read.  We all actually like to read.  nerdy.  I’m good with it.   And once we enforce “reading time” we usually have to wrestle the books out of their hands for lights out….one more page, please???  ahhhh, it’s great.  The 14 year-old is a little trickier, but once he gets a book he enjoys….look out.  The 8 year-old likes to talk about reading…for a LONG time…before she actually reads, but then she’s hooked and obsessed with how many pages she’s read and how many are left, so reading AND math=double bonus!!  and so the TV stays off.

3.  I get up ridiculously early.  We have 4 children (see #1) and I enjoy peace and quiet.  O’Dark Hundred is the only true peace and quiet I can call my own.  Even dear hubby knows…don’t talk to me in the morning until I’ve had at LEAST my first cup of coffee!!  I read the Daily Readings, pray, blog, catch up on news and Facebook and drink coffee.  Some days I mix it up and go to the gym.  Or with the cooler weather, walk around the neighborhood instead of the stuffy gym.  The TV doesn’t work well with these activities. and so it stays off.

4.  I like sleep.  and since I get up ridiculously early (see #3), I really need to hit the hay earlier to get a respectable 7 hours.  I love our bed.  It’s like a big marshmallow.  Open window+Cool fall air+cozy comforter+good book+kids in bed=happiness.  ABSOLUTELY no room for the TV in that.  and so it stays off.

5.  I like to catch up with hubby.  Now with all those kids, homework, extracurricular activities and stuff, we have to fight for those minutes and therefore….the TV stays off.

And now that I’ve dissected WHY I don’t get to my several behind episodes of Gene Simmons and Real Housewives (yeah, quality TV, baby!) I am continually fascinated by my friends.  HOW do they get ANYthing done?!?!  I clearly need to work on my organizational skills or learn to live with less sleep and quite honestly, I just don’t feel like doing either!

Proverbs 31:15  She rises up while it is still night and provides food for her family and portions for her female servants.

OK, disclaimer here…I don’t profess to be a Proverbs 31 wife, though it IS still dark when I rise, my early rising makes me a better mom and wife, sometimes I DO get the crock pot going, but I don’t have female servants…unless you count doling out chores for my daughters.  Just didn’t want anyone thinking I’m all that….but getting up early really works for ME.  and so does keeping the TV (mostly) off.