Blue one. Red one. Black and blue arm @ the VW fest…

Generally on Sundays after Mass, our girls usually have Religious Ed and so, rather than go home and come back, I bring my walking clothes and get a good 45 minute or so walk in.  Today on my walk around our City Circle I was surprised to see a VW festival gathering  of sorts going on.  I heard the music LOOOOOOOONG before I saw the VWs EVERY.  WHERE.   I walked with a smile; not because we own a VW but because my Hubby went through a VW phase in college.  First with a pale blue beetle and later with a VW Bus.  I hated both of them.  I was always afraid I was going to get dirt on me, there was no A/C and they were LOUD.  Ick.  However, I smile because he loved those cars (the bus more than the car) and they had some funny stories attached to them involving fraternities, road trips, steep roads and a line of traffic, among others.  Given a choice, I am willing to bet my Hubs would love another one….given sufficient fundage, I’d say…go for it, sweets.  Enjoy the pics, it was a great 45 minute walk!


Let the party begin…


Pop-up camper buses and surf buses


Buses, buses, everywhere…..always remind me of Scooby Doo!


You can purchase accessories for your luggage racks and such.


or rims and tires


or pieces and parts


open real estate? they are parking!!


surrounding the whole lake


This ugly B had one heck of a sound system….


and certainly no VW fest would be complete without the old tie-dye sales and matching bus. next stop, the Grateful Dead.


I think this guy died waiting on parts or something


all states of paint (or lack thereof), but they ran.


love the warning


superb advice, no?

superb advice, no?

2 thoughts on “Blue one. Red one. Black and blue arm @ the VW fest…

  1. Patti

    I’m with Craig the VW’ much history & memories from my day! Right before I left, they had this festival on Beach St, so I got to walk around & enjoy! Thanks for sharing Tracy! Xoxo



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