Almost muh Birthday……

Let the happy thoughts commence!!


I’ve been grumpy this week.  Work is stressing me out.  I shouldn’t have hives because of work, right?  Got written up today for making a mistake….first one in EVER!!!!!!!!  (write-up, not mistake……although I like to think that..)   So, I’m thinking I should look for a new job/career/hit the lottery, something…because this really sucks.


And so.  On that ever so cheerful note……tomorrow is my birthday…..and I shall make that a happy day.  Even if I am turning 43.  It’s all good.

If you’ve got a great job for me…hit me with it….otherwise, I’ll gladly accept miscellaneous fun gifts, prayers and happy birthday wishes!!!


10 thoughts on “Almost muh Birthday……

  1. Gale

    I’m sorry T. People drive me crazy! Like writing you up is going to teach you not to make mistakes!!! Ugh! Instead, your boss could use it as a teaching tool, and (I know this is crazy) HELP YOU!!!! Ahhhhhh!! No, not that!!! (Me pushing you!)
    Just try to let it go. Jesus will never write you up in heaven. 🙂 And HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


  2. Mary Kate

    Ugh, hate days/weeks/months like those! I’m sorry.

    But, I sincerely hope and pray your birthday is awesome and that you are treated like the truly wonderful person you are!

    Happy Birthday!!!



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