One day we will miss this

Our Warrior photobombing the Neighbor's Ice Cream Mascot's photo.

Our Warrior photobombing the Neighbor’s Ice Cream Mascot’s photo.

Taking a cue from my dear friend, D, whose daughters are grown and spread their wings… day all this noise and crazy will be over and we will miss it.  So, when we have a super crazy day or week or season, I try to remember this.  Today it was my mantra.

Starting at 5:30 a.m. with my coffee and wake up

6 a.m. waking 2 of 4 kiddos

Leaving house at 7:15 with our youngest son for him to assume his position as school mascot at a “Mascot Breakfast” prior to our town’s parade and fall family festival

Hubby takes our youngest daughter to her game for cheer at 7:45 a.m.

I take our mascot to meet his school band where he assumes his role as Band Captain for the parade.

Oldest son heads out for a day of skateboarding with friends.

Parade ends and we head home about 11.

I take our oldest daughter across town to hit the beach with a friend and her family and then go grocery shopping.

Hubby brings youngest home to prep for a birthday party.

Hubby goes for  a 20 mile bike ride (he’s training for a November triathlon).

I run youngest daughter to birthday party.

It’s only 1 p.m.

Youngest son goes for a bike ride with friends.

Now, if you’ve done the math and followed carefully you will see what happened here this day.



Guess what we did?


***Disclaimer:  don’t feel too sorry for me, because in between the parade drop off and parade start I had an hour to kill and promptly hit Target, Starbucks and chatted with my girlfriend on the phone for a lengthy and overdue chat (in fact I talked to TWO girlfriends at length today) and then went to dinner with my mom and my sister who were both in town.  Therefore, it was a crazy and well-executed start to the day, but a grand, grand finish!

Dinner on the water with these two awesome beauties?  Yes, please!

Dinner on the water with these two awesome beauties? Yes, please!

3 thoughts on “One day we will miss this

  1. Denise Fackender

    Loved your post, it was timely .I was working in the yard, in total silence and missing the girls. That still happens on a regular basis even after all these years. You reminded me of the joy that comes from a full life and the Precious gift of our children. Even though those hectic days are gone they were a gift that I embraced at the time and still do the memories today! I stick by it, it goes fast and you will miss them when it’s gone! So I gave thanks for what I was given and blessed to remember the love and joy that was part of it all! Love D

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