The blog’s not dead….

But it’s barely alive.

It’s been since July since I’ve done any “regular” type of blogging, but there are talks of getting a laptop for Mama soon and then maybe I can pick back up! or not. but there IS hope.

As you can imagine, life’s been trucking along (even without a laptop).

Summer came and went, the first quarter of school has come and gone, we are speeding toward the holidays, my new job is awesome and thanks be to GOD, the weather is finally cooling off!!!

The girls and I are heading to FSU in 2 weeks for the homecoming game with my stepdad and by the time I DO actually get my laptop, it is certain there will be plenty o’ flashback pics and posts to catch everyone up. No holding breath necessary.

So, until then….get ready to go VOTE!!! Pray for the persecuted church and for the love of ALL things, wash your hands, people. Wash. Your. Hands.


**P.S. If you didn’t get the reference, go watch the movie….God’s not dead. AW.E.SOME.!!!

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