It’s a marathon, not a sprint


It’s for the long haul.

And, boy, there will be days when you hit the wall.

Just like running, you have a choice: quit and go home, or power through.

Sometimes, you just need to regroup and grab some sustenance because you’re running low on fuel.

And that makes all the difference.

So, when you are hitting those patches of life seasons where carpools, homework, taxi duty part 2, 3 and 4, weekend extracurriculars, marching band competitions, volleyball tournaments, homecoming, cold snap and STAT runs to the store for long pants and hoodies for growing legs and arms, combined with work, bills, feeding and caring for this church……… and the list goes on.

Yeah, that kind of balance.

That’s where it gets real.

And you have to stop and grab sustenance. Because suddenly, the only talking that has been taking place is reduced to scheduling, organizing and surviving.

When that Hubby says, “I NEED you. To talk to you. I. Need. You.” So, in the midst of it all, you sit on that couch and talk. Not about scheduling or carpools or dinner menu. Talk. Life. Anxieties. Dreams. Goals. Needs. Desires.

This is what it is all about. Living. Loving. Communicating.

5 minutes from now all that life stuff will still be there.

That wall will come. Because, you know, life. But choose sustenance. It makes all the difference.

Thanks for the couch time, Hubby. You’re the best! XO



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