Saturday…pre-Turkey day

7:43 a.m.   I’ve been up since 6.  Out of bed since 6:20.  Kids are still sleeping.  This.  Is.  The.  Life.  jk….but, really, it is pretty windy, clearly gearing up to rain at some point and quite balmy.  I just finished my Dunkin Donuts caramel coffee cake coffee and figured I’d visit the blog for a quick minute or 20.

The good news is…..Christmas is coming and maybe a laptop, too?!  Totally on my Christmas list.  Rest assured.

Some  highlights….we hit the 40’s here this week and I had to break down and get our oldest a heavier jacket.  Today I’ll need to get our 15-year-old a couple more pair of pants and this week Thred up delivered RIGHT ON TIME with 2 pair of pants for  our youngest.  Yowza.  The problems of living in the Florida:  no cold weather gear.  I will stop “complaining” though because, Buffalo.  Surreal to  me.  All these pics.  I am morbidly fascinated, horrified and freaked at the amount of snow….BEFORE.  THANKSGIVING.  What the heck will winter bring?!?!??!  Anyway, I’ve been keeping tabs on Heather  at Mamaknowshoneychild on her Insta account and just, wow.  I want to bring them some soup.  And groceries.  And a personal snow plow.

What else?

Christmas pics done and I am impatiently waiting for  them to arrive so I can put them together and send them off.  I may have mentioned before, but I find it hard to wrap my mind around Christmas shopping until I get the cards out.  And with a short Christmas season again (thanks a lot late Thanksgiving!!), I don’t want to be rushed again like last year.  However, I have purchased the boys SURPRISE plane tix to see Mimi and John in January (providing we aren’t hampered by snow and I DID buy insurance for that reason alone!), and the girls’ Christmas PJs….so the shopping has officially begun.

I addition, I have purchased our youngest’s birthday present (June) to see her very favorite T-swizzle in Tampa in October.  And my own EDEL15 ticket to Charleston in July!!!  Woop woop.

The Hubs and I have decided to make Thursday nights and Saturday a.m. our “Spin Class” dates.  So, back in the saddle I go.  Surprisingly, it’s just like riding a bike.  ahem.  punny, right?  Anyhooooo…..good sweat and heading into the food fest that is November and December followed by insurance blood work and body comp in February (which incidentally, can lower our insurance rates by 1/2……) it seems like a good idea to go ahead and do this.  I’m sure my jeans will thank me, too!

I now have a heavy-duty staple gun and am ready to go.  I have already repaired the bottom of the couch.  Next up is the recovering of the girls’ bulletin boards to match their room re-do and recovering the piano bench to go in our room at the foot of our bed.  Be scared.  And then be awed.

The girls and I enjoyed the FSU homecoming game two weeks ago with my step-dad, sister and nephew and step-bro and nephew.  Tailgating with friends, Trader Joe’s and staying up way too late post game chatting with my girlfriend.   Was a fab weekend!!  I’ll be back up in Tally in December to babysit my nephews <blatant HINT HINT> on December 13 and I think I’ll take the boys to Thomasville to see some fun decorations and such…we will have just missed the Victorian Christmas festival, but maybe YOU can go!!

I’m out.  The kids are stirring.  It’s been a great 25 minutes…peace out and Happy thanksgiving!!



1 thought on “Saturday…pre-Turkey day

  1. Patti

    I’ve missed your blogs so much my sweet, loved this and Go Noles!! I’m still envious you got to see them…and I didn’t! Love you bunches xoxo



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