The craziest thing.  Ever.  NewYear’s Eve 2014 found the Hubs and I at Vigil Mass (not so crazy) and then afterward we went to dinner (crazy).  Our oldest son met us there.  Because…..ALL the other kids were at NYE sleepovers.(WHAT?!?!)

So.  After my first pick, favorite restaurant was a 2 hour wait (dinner on NYE is a thing ?!?!?!??!), we went to choice #2, 15 minute wait and pretty tasty.  Then home to tuck in the Hubs, text my missing children a happy, happy, set the alarm for the oldest (who had to work at 645 this morning–hence no sleepover for him), I sat down and binged on Nashville….my new favorite show.   Until Downton comes on this Sunday!!!

Today, it’s nasty and drizzly.  My house is way too quiet.  So, I drank my coffee…am pondering breakfast….paid bills…and am blogging.   Later, we will return this laptop (sticky space bar), shop for a microwave, have lunch in the mall and then head to a friend’s to watch the Noles play.

There ya go.

The blog, she’s picking up steam…..let’s see what 2015 brings!!

Hope your New Year’s Eve was fun and flu-free and that 2015 brings you blessings in abundance!


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