Can it even be mid-January?  I only blinked.  Truly.  Crazy stuff.  I remember when I was a youngster and my mom used to tell me the older you got the faster time went.  Well:  mom was right.  Again.

And so, January is turning out to be as busy as December, if that’s even possible.  All good, I tell you.  All good.

The boys and I had a good trip to see my mom and her Hubby in Pa, despite the 3degree temp when we got off the plane (not including wind—-how DO people live like that????  Seriously thin blood here!).  The boys had never flown before and I made sure to book the bulkhead seats for their long-limbs, but I will tell you that when you open up those tray tables to spread out homework on, you WILL regret each and every Christmas cookie=makes for a long hour.

Snowball fight...first things, first!

Snowball fight.  First things, first!


Steel Stacks in Bethlehem.  Crazy to see what made our country great and the desolation of it today. We had a good time just walking around and wondering what it was like “back in the day”.

Confirmation is this weekend for our 15 yo son and next week he gets his learner’s permit.  See?  Blinked.

Confirmation class 2015

Confirmation class 2015

And then, starting Monday, our company is having a 7 week health challenge (conveniently timed to end just as we do our annual wellness blood work, etc to qualify for money back on insurance!), so I agreed to captain our team.  Purely selfish.  You see, if I am captain I am completely accountable.  To everyone.  (It’s the whole reason I taught aerobics for years……free gym membership and I HAD to be there).  Needless to say, I have stocked up on veggies and fruit and last night the Hubs and I had date night and I thoroughly enjoyed my bread, calamari and pizza.  Every bite.

And so, as we blaze through this weekend with Confirmation retreat, work expo, London Philharmonic symphony concert, Confirmation-THE EVENT ITSELF and maybe, just maybe, trying to squeeze in a chance to see my sister…….I’ll take a few pictures and try to inhale and absorb each moment.  And not blink.

Selfies in the cold are HARD.  Can you hear me gritting my teeth??

Selfies in the cold are HARD. Can you hear me gritting my teeth??


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