Might as well blog….

Last weekend while I was enjoying Charleston with several hundred beautiful ladies not cooking dinner, refereeing “discussions” or washing dishes, my Hubby started a little reno project (the first of the whole house).  We turned our 2nd living room into a 4th bedroom with a temporary wall, knocked down 2 half-walls (decoration only, not weight bearing), added a door, switched 3 rooms of furniture around and we’ve been working on it all week.  (just to be clear, when I say “WE”, it is the collective we….mostly my Hubs and his handy-friend Bob)  Today is adding moulding, missing tile pieces, and (hopefully) completing the girls’ room set-up.    It’s going to be much better with all these big kids spreading out a bit more, but right now…..  This very second.  I am hiding.  In my room with the cat.  The pictures against the wall, 1/2 beds all over the house, random furniture that will be given or thrifted away, dust, noise and the general unsetteled ness is a bit too much for me.  Hats off to all you DIY people.  I like planning it (sort of) and the finished product but PHEW.  That in-between stuff.  Blech.


Best idea going.

Best idea going.

and then this broke.   20years old.  one-more-thing

and then this broke. 20years old. one-more-thing

maybe I'll work on this...exercise plan.  and storage ideas.  maybe.

maybe I’ll work on this…exercise plan. and storage ideas. maybe.

Calgon.  STAT!!

Calgon. STAT!!

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

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