Channeling my inner Pinterest

Which is truly not my gift.  I have a mother, sister and friends who are incredibly talented and can just look at a blank wall, room, furniture and work it in no time flat to be completely Pinterestable.  yep not me.  That goes for scrapbooking as well.  However, I am here to tell you that I am a total Pinterest plagiarizer (and scrapbooker, too).  I am not too proud to steal ideas.  And with a weekend full of predicted sogginess it is a great time for me/us to finish up the living room/dining room/girl’s room.  I have a boatload of pictures to wade through and drag down from the attic and figure out who I am going to put where.  I’m a little excited and overwhelmed.

My Pinspiration and photo credit HERE!!

My Pinspiration and photo credit HERE!!

So, in the meantime, I have finished up the last of the painting, started washing sheets, surfed the internet, drained the coffee pot and jammed to Pandora and I am slowly procrastinating my way out of going in the attic to drag down those pictures.

But first, let me check out one more shark video on YouTube………………………………..

So, wish me luck.  Pictures to eventually follow of the befores/afters!

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