Phase 1—kind of complete*

*not a reference to NFP

It’s been 6 years this May that we’ve been in our house.  One of the things I loved about this house when we bought it was the move-in ready appeal.  The paint worked for me (mostly, I can live with the bathrooms but that will change at some point) and everything else was in decent shape and workable for our family.

Fast forward 6 years and we have put together a list of Renovation phases which will update the house and give our not-so-little chickens some space to spread their wings a bit.  Of course, all things and phases are subject to change and drag out due to necessity and finances, however……Phase 1 is almost complete!

Our growing teens and their differing schedules fairly “necessitated” adding a 4th bedroom.  “Need” is a strong word, but when you have 2 full-grown 6 footers angling for space in their 10x12ish room, waking each other on late entry/early exit, sleep-talking, etc… was getting ugly, and so…we decided that we can live with ONE living room (gasp) and turn the other into a bigger bedroom for the girls to share and let the boys separate.  One word:  BLISS.

As a secondary result, we pulled down 2 decorative little walls and pulled down ALLLLLLLLLL the old pictures from the attic and hung them.  All Pinteresty-like.  (one of my dear friends shares my joy in purging so I know she will appreciate the 2 storage boxes of donated picture frames AND a full garbage bag of broken frames)  Of course, my Hubby will say I don’t really like to purge mostly because we have a different method of purging….he just tosses stuff into bags and hauls to the curb, meanwhile, I like to painstakingly separate and pick through to purge.  Granted, mine is a long and painful process, but when it’s purged, it is purged.

this is only half the mess...the other half on the floor  *not pictured*

this is only half the mess…the other half on the floor *not pictured*

Personally, I love it.  It was worth all the hours....

Personally, I love it. It was worth all the hours….

Today, our house-wide window install begins on our 1970s aluminum frame, single pane windows.  Which, when complete, will seal Phase 1.  Hallelujah!!

And so, with 3 days off work, I must go and tackle the ever-growing and modifying “To-Do” list.

Happy Monday!!

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