Duct tape and cupcakes

I’m on a few vacation days with the hubs here at the homestead.  Soaking up the last few days of summer before we kick back into the school year (24th here).  It’s about a million degrees here and we are pretty sloth-like during the day (except my hubs—he’s like a shark, always moving).  Anyhoo.  The girls and I went to visit my sister and some friends in Tallahassee over the weekend for a long, overdue visit.  It was wonderful.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Lunch with one of my besties for her (July) birthday at a sweet cafe (Paisley Cafe)  followed by a cupcake (Lucy and Leo’s)—I do love cupcakes!!  It was a fun outing with the kids all at her house (this is a wonderful season!) catching up and enjoying time together—and when you live 4 hours away you soak every second UP.
  • Trader Joe’s for some cookie butter and TJMaxx for a school backpack
  • Golf cart riding around the ‘hood and stopping by some friends to say “Hey”
  • A visit from another dear friend at my sister’s to catch up
  • Long-distance nursing consult with my hubs as he sliced his finger on a razor—he survived
  • Mass at our old church with a young priest (my girls were fascinated, as all our priests here are “Old”)
  • Post Mass visit at another friend’s house (she makes the yummiest scones)
  • An additional (unplanned) night and house warming party for my sister’s boss where I ran into a friend from our boy’s preschool days
  • Early a.m. walk before we hit the road (my rear forgot about those Tallahassee hills)
  • Depletion of my sister’s Chai Latte for her Keurig courtesy of me (they don’t like that flavor anyway)

It was a relaxing weekend and always does my heart good to catch up with friends.  Sadly, with school starting many people were out of town or just unavailable due to various pre-school activities….so I take what I can get.  Life is good and far too short; make the most of every day, right?

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