Mid-life blog crisis

It’s a funny thing when you change things up.  Things change.

About 6 weeks ago the Hubby and I started Dave Ramsey’s program, offered at my job (FREE) and during this time, I’ve felt other areas of my life begging for a re-constructing as well.  Change is good.  Hard.  But good.  And generally, the good stuff is worth it in the end.

So, I’m slowly re-vamping my look at my healthy choices and fitness and trying to make the effort more consistently and less obsessively.  THAT, my friends, is flippin’ hard.  I’m all or nothing and this is an area that needs balance or it doesn’t stick around.

I’ve also been feeling the need to blog more.  And in that, I mean actually carving out time specifically for blogging.  Away from the house.  I’m far too easily distracted at home and I am sensing the blog is in need of an overhaul:  new name and new focus.  Moving more into the deep conversations that I need to hash out in words.  on a laptop.  It’s my therapy.

Get ready.  New things are a comin’.  Slowly, but surely.  Change.

Blessings!  Now it’s off to spend some time with my man.  and a paddleboard.

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