In the works…

While I plug away on my new blog (hopefully ready to roll out next week), I just have to ask:  “Have you been watching the Pope?!?!?!?!?”  I am so fascinated.  It started with his virtual audience around the U.S. in which I used a ridiculous amount of tissues.  His compassion is so genuine and his message of LOVE so pervasive in every homily, every action, it is easy to see why the whole world is falling in love with Papa Francis.

So, it was really cool to see my new friend Maria pilgrimage to Cuba (her birthplace) to see the Pope and now watching Pat and Lisa pilgrimage to Philly and EWTN at night to catch the recap of the day.  It is FASCINATING!!!

The icing on the cake was when a good friend and fallen away Catholic texted me throughout the day as she watched the Pope and how her faith is restored in the Church due to Pope Francis’ example of love and kindness throughout the world.

Just awesome.  Fascinating.  And so much hope.  Godspeed, Papa!  May we all live this example.  Love one another.

and Pope Emoji App… much awesome!!

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