Write 31 Days

October 1.  Holy (insert noun)!!!!  Where has the year gone?  I have a mild amount of anxiety building up with a  mental to-do list for Christmas:  take a family pic for cards (last year we took a break after 17 years–this year we are going to get back at it!!), get kids to start thinking of a list (way harder the older they get) and just balancing life.  It always gets a little more challenging in November and December and of course, again in May!  BUT……in spite of that, I’ve been longing to blog a little more.  I do better with ideas and challenges since they help me focus and give me a jumping off point, so I am jumping in with the “Write 31 Days” challenge.

Today is day 1.  A good day to start since the Hubby is out of town for a meeting this weekend.  Children are mostly occupied.  Grocery shopping is done.  Even so, somehow it was 7 a.m. and now it is 4:15 p.m.  I have the entire house to myself and I have a few projects I’d like to tackle while everyone is out of my way.

Be back tomorrow!  Enjoy the day!!


A little throwback to a fun NH sunset drive!

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