#7QT #HurricaneMatthew edition

Linking up with Kelly and all to burn some nervous energy, #write31days and get some good blog reading for the day!!!

  1. Hubs and the kids evacuated Wednesday night inland to our friend’s house with the dog and cat.  I stayed at my step Dad’s for company, awaiting the call to see if I’d have to go into the hospital for support staff coverage on Thursday morning. 

    sweet morning view from step-dads!

  2. Thursday morning I went home and paced.  Prayed. Semi-packed. And waited for the call.  Then I bleached the tub, filled it with water and subsequently filled every last water bottle and jug with water.  And saved the coffee in a thermos and put them in the fridge. Just in case. 

    I like water

  3. Not needed at the hospital, I finished packing and headed west on I-4 to be with my family to wait it out. No one was there.  Hubs and our friend were at work, oldest at a friend’s house and youngest 3 were making a last minute Walmart run. 
  4. HGTV and Gulliver’s travels passed the day.  Avoiding the weather.  It’s so unnerving for the constant chatter and speculation.  It’s gastrointestinal distress inducing. 
  5. The dog and cat are so confused.  The dog will only “go” across the street about 4 houses down.  The cat peed our friend’s bed.  O. M. G. He has never done that. 

    and the lion will lie down with the lamb

  6. Our oldest was at a friend’s 15 min away with plans to be home early am before the storm hit.  As it sped up, he came back in the night.  With all my chicks under one roof I can stress a little less. 
  7. Power still up so I’ve made coffee, pancakes, eggs and rice for later.  Now to just wait it out.  Thankfully, Matthew has taken an easterly turn sparing us the full brunt.  However, with social media, we see there’s already plenty of damage.  

Ps. All done from my phone!!  What?!?!?

Keep praying y’all!


2 thoughts on “#7QT #HurricaneMatthew edition

  1. catherijn

    Woooahhh, scary weather… we complain about all the rain we get in the UK, but hurricanes must be so much worse. Hope it passes over quickly and with minimal damage!



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