Finally Friday

Bring.  It.  On.

Celebrating Friday with Kelly in 7 quick takes.

  1. I’ve been whining about Hurricane Matthew all week, but seriously we made it through with extremely little damage and so truly blessed, but it has freakin’ wiped me OUT.  With the days leading up to the storm, stressing about preparations, predictions followed by evacuation, riding out the storm in our friend’s home an hour away, returning home, no electric, clean up and all the cities with all the debris and then back to work and catching up and trying to return to normal after rescheduling, closing and working in the reschedules.  Just whew.  Again….seriously, we aren’t under water like North Carolina, nor are we devastated like Haiti, it’s just messy and exhausting.  Pretty much every neighborhood, everywhere looks like this (they say it will be about 3 months to clean up)


    This is all the neighborhoods and all the cities all around us. Every. Street.

  2. It was a good time to try out the washing machine hack as a cooler.  Meh.  The water never fully drained and my actual cooler kept the ice longer, but it did free up some space and kept some waters cool for a day.washerhack
  3. Our home renovation project will be starting with the master bedroom since we had a little water come up from the ground.


    that concrete chic look

  4. Checked on my grandparent’s neighborhood and several of their neighborhoods had this little carport disaster going on. (the house below is NOT theirs, theirs actually did well, very minor damage)trailertrashed
  5. Our back fence is our top priority.  Our poor pup is missing his rolling around grass, running like crazy space, sniffing and digging areas and just general freedom.  We all enjoy a good walk, but this nonsense is getting OLD.  Sweet Hubby will be working on this STAT this weekend.  For all of our sanity!


    hi neighbor. and our little fire pit waiting for some cooler weather and s’mores! looks much more cozy with a fence backdrop!

  6. Along with the annual Weekend Biketoberfest (bring on the earplugs!) this weekend is homecoming for our oldest girl which is exciting and waaaaay different than when our son went to homecoming the past few years.  Boys are so easy!!!  We did find a dress and shoes and made her hair appointment in time, so I think we are all looking forward to it. It’s my nephew’s homecoming also, therefore it shall be a good photo swapping weekend in our family!
  7. Lastly, sending you off with a quick and tasty little recipe I put together last night for dinner:  Meatball and cheese pie—it was fast, easy and everyone liked it!  A win!!
    1. 2 pie crusts cooked for about 5 min on 350 (be sure to poke holes in the bottom)
    2. 1 bag of meatballs (we used the family size, about 64 meatballs)
    3. Cut meatballs in half, set aside
    4. One block of cheese, grated and set aside
    5. Mix about 2 cups of milk (I used almond milk and it was fine), add 2 Tbsp of flour, season salt and pepper to taste and whisk together.  Add in cheese.
    6. Put meatballs on pie crusts, pour over milk mixture, bake 30 min at 350.
    7. Serve it up.

Happy weekend to all!!


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