Saturday: A day in the life



Semi fall weather.

Early morning walk sesh with the pup.

Coffee with my mom and John.

Run a few errands.

Watch Hubs hang the back fence (and hold a few panels for him)

Gave our HOCO girl a pedicure (looked pretty awesome, if I do say so myself)

Take the girl to get her hair done.

Drink coffee Hubs delivers to hair salon.  (I love him)

Run to Publix to grab some dinner snacks for an impromptu Homecoming dinner.

At our house.

Clean bathroom.

Hubs vacuums.  (Have I told you how much I LOVE him?!?)

Get serving dishes for food.

Hubs and I take the girl to meet friends for pictures .

Back to the house for the kids (6) to eat and hang out.

Take the kids to the dance, manage a selfie with them before we go.


Shower.  For the first time today.  Pretty.  Real pretty.  And stinky.

Watch the final episode of Stranger Things with Hubs.

Now to stay up until our girl gets home!


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