#7QT: The Senior Citizen’s version

Let’s,  talk about aging these Quick Takes with Kelly in celebration (?), disbelief (?) and the awful truth that Luke Perry aka “Dylan” of 90210 is the cover boy of AARP.  What the what???  This truth brought to my attention via one of my oldest BFF’s text a few nights ago.


  1. Remember when $10 filled your tank?  All your homies threw in a dollar or two if it was your turn to drive around cranking out some Yaz and your weekend was set.  Today $10 might get you to the next gas station.  OK, slight exaggeration, but it surely won’t fill the tank!
  2. Remember when you had to “be home by dark”, more specifically when the streetlights turned on, that was the cue to get on that banana seat and haul it home.  Or sometimes, if plans changed, you might hear your mom or dad holler across the ‘hood for you.  That meant, “home now”.
  3. Remember when phones had cords attached to the wall?  When we got the extra long (IDK, 10 foot cord or something crazy like that) and we could walk all the way into the bathroom.  And shut the door.  Boom, privacy.  You might have had to spend an hour untangling it afterward, but was always worth it.
  4. Remember Aqua Net?  Hey, that 80’s hair didn’t stay up there all by itself you know!
  5. Remember Cliff’s notes?  If you didn’t understand a book or more likely didn’t actually read it all in time for the quiz/test/paper; these would give you the gist.  Your paper would probably suck, but you might swing a B on a quiz, so definitely worth the gamble.
  6. For those of us on the coast:  Beach hangout err weekend and all summer long.  Each beach approach had it’s own social circle and hotel pools to sneak into.  Almost like gang territories, except baggies and bikinis.  So not really.  Just lots of baby oil and no SPF.
  7. Beverly Hills:  90210.  You were home to watch it every week.  If not, you hoped you had a clean VHS to tape it on otherwise you’d have to get the scoop from  your friends the next day.

Yup.  Old.  Not quite AARP, but closer to it than I’d like to admit.  Bring on the discounts, folks!!

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