Enter Fall

Fall made its first visit to us today, starting the day out about 55degrees and rising to the mid 70s.  Soooooooo, amazing.

Of course, I had to make some “fall” coffee (caramel macchiato) in the coffee maker and then put on a LONG SLEEVE shirt to walk the pup–who was rewarded with a new-to-him tennis ball found along the way home.

The rest of the day was spent in various forms of taxi with cheer, the mall and church.  I would have far preferred spending more of it outside, but this IS what parents do:  stuff with and for their kids.  Including, but not limited to, pick up from cheering at a football game, driving to and fro to the mall in search of a jacket and setting up for the  youth group bake sale tomorrow.  I have to remember that and not grumble about it.  It’s part of the deal, even when it’s in the 70s and amazing outside.

Along the way, I did find myself with about an hour to kill and well past lunch time,  so I ate outside on the patio at Applebees.  (that super yummy Shrimp Thai Salad you see above)  Tomorrow, I’m working some OT at the hospital (and next Saturday, too), but it’s all good because Christmas is coming, folks!

Now onto reading the Hobbit while I await my Middle Schooler to return from her  youth group progressive rally.  Kicking myself for not having that late afternoon coffee!!!  I sure could use that jolt about now.



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