3 Cheers for Advent! and other quick takes

The usual link up with Kelly (and you really should check in and follow her update of hosting Bart and Lisa–God Bless you all,  that’s a task I don’t know that I could handle).

  1. It’s Friday and Christmas is in two days.  On a Sunday.  In our working world, I will tell you it’s been an interesting challenge:  take off Friday or Monday?  Who’s off?  Who’s open?  Today is our day off and I foresee Monday as a day to really knock out some of that tedious paperwork!!  But TODAY.  I’m off.
  2. We were planning to go see the Christmas lights in St. Augustine last night, but had a puker, so postponed to tonight.  However, someone has to babysit, so we may do this after Christmas.  Or do it twice.  Who knows?!
  3. Got a nice walk in with the pup this a.m. and now to hit the regular Saturday chores so we can truly relax and fully enjoy the Christmas weekend.
  4. This is an incredibly beautiful season and absolutely my favorite month of the year, but I also know that many people are struggling mightily during these times and unexpected tragedies occur and are even more heartbreaking at this time of year, so let’s all do our part to remember that and extend a little heartier peace all around, especially when faced with the more difficult folks.
  5. Christmas cheer #1:  A co-worker’s son borrowed her van to visit with  his girlfriend the other night.  He dutifully put $4 ($2 change, $2 bills) of gas in so that she could get to work and home the next day.  An army man in the store at the same time, approached him at the pump, put in his credit card and said, “fill it up and consider it Christmas”.  Y’all.  This is the hardest working, gritty, kind Mama you will meet.  That act of kindness made her month.  And from a serviceman no less, who already sacrifices so much as it is.  There is hope for us all.
  6. Christmas cheer #2:   One of my retreat sisters is French and married to an American.  She is not naturalized and is currently going through a very challenging and exhausting process of renewing her work Visa.  She’s not able to work due to this and is struggling emotionally with that–since she has always worked.  She went to the USPO to mail a gift to her husband’s nephew and had his credit card.  Unfortunately, her passport does not have the same name and they denied her.   A customer in the line, said, “I’ve got this” and paid for her mailing.  She was blown away by this stranger’s charity.  God is good.  Humanity restored AGAIN and in the post office of all places!!!
  7.   Christmas cheer #3:  A high school friend who is fighting a recurrence of her stage 4 breast cancer has been in the hospital for several weeks enduring two surgeries and rehab to gain her strength back.  Today she goes home.  What joy for her to share this Christmas with her family.  Prayers for her health, happiness and anxiety today and for her family as I know her kids (21,17, 13) and husband are also struggling to see her suffering so much.  However, the JOY is in her coming home, let us rejoice with her!!

May your conclusion of Advent be joyful in the waiting and may Christmas bring you hope, joy and renewed faith for the year to come!

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