How we survive winter in the South

Well.  It finally happened.  One week into January and it actually got COLD here in Florida.  High in the 50s yesterday and looks to be about the same or a bit cooler AND windy today.  Needless to say, there is a level of confusion here in the South when it gets “cold”.   With a large number of snowbirds (my personal aspiration and 5-10 year plan!) they chuckle at us as we don our boots with the fur and every scarf, hat and warm jacket we own to make it through these bitter days.  Of course, on the flip side we scoff at their heat and humidity intolerance during August, so it all evens out.

In the meantime, I’ll drink a ridiculous amount of coffee and hot beverages and hunker down .

So that you don’t fret too much for us, here are a few ways we shall soldier through these 2 days of cold:

3 Bean Bake in the crockpot (instaNOTHIN’) and sour cream muffins for dinner–certain to bring all my chickens back to the nest for a family dinner!

NO.  Please don’t confuse this was a 90-year old grandpa.  Just our resident  17 yo son wearing the ever present socks and Chakos.  Even his girlfriend is embarrassed.  I’ve just let him have this battle.  This is also the same kid that didn’t own a pair of jeans until he was 16.  The cold simply confuses him.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure my tights are on year 6 or 7.  When you only wear them once or twice a year…..lifelong extra layer for the win!

Poor dude.  He has alllllllllllllllll the blankets in his crate.  I know he looks cold, but secretly really enjoys running like a bat our of he**  in the backyard in circles and then passing out in one of his favorite chairs.  (aka all of them)

Then there’s me.  Yesterday, I started out the day in capris, a 3/4 length peasant top and flip flops.  Perfectly fine when the day started at 70 degrees.  But then as we hit Target a few hours later and some thrift stores, it plummeted to 52 and so I added my Banana Republic Cardigan/Sweater—so toasty and light!! and switched the flops for my clogs.  Kinda dorky, but really didn’t care.  My feet were warm.  Therefore, I understand my son’s confusion.  We just basically hybrid everything and know that it 2 days from now it will be 70 and we can go back to our usual wardrobe.

As for the rest of y’all.  Brrr.  I don’t even know.  How DO you do it?  Seriously?  I just can’t even.

1 thought on “How we survive winter in the South

  1. Patti Higgins

    I’m so looking forward to that kind of winter again, lol!! It’s in the teens here and super windy!!💕💕💕



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