Hey ho, middle of January FRIDAY!!

Middle of January~~~ whoa.  Already?  Insanity!!

Linking it with Kelly and all the good peeps over there……………..

  1. I thought after having two short weeks in a row that this week would drag because 5 WHOLE WORK DAYS and all, but holy moly…….I don’t even really know what happened to this week, but it’s gone.  POOF.  Not complaining.  Truly.
  2. This week I gave my practice witness to my retreat team and I made it through.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to share it with the world wide webz, but cathartic and all that good stuff.  Often during our “catastrophic era” I would often pray “use this, Lord.  If what we are going through can help someone, than here I am, Lord.”  It was scary at first to pray that, but it didn’t take long to really own it in my heart.  And He uses it all.  Offer it up, buttercup.  Yup.
  3. Onto funnier things…………..this week I started my week 1 of my 10 week challenge.  Had my first workout on Monday, drew my labs (cholesterol and glucose) and will get measured up on Saturday.  I’ll hit the eating healthier portion next week….too much to tackle all in one week.  But  let’s talk about the workout.  I walk.  I spin.  I do not boot camp.  And every single muscle reminded  me all week long.  I can finally laugh without crying.
  4. At  my workout I was absolutely scoping out my competition and it is going to be tough.  No lie. Plenty of other fluffy folks with that gleam in their eye.  Let’s see who brings it home.  Absolutely in reach, though.  Fo sho!
  5. We have a kiddo preparing for her Confirmation next week and all she has left is her retreat weekend and her loser mother to pay the $20 fee—-I completely forgot about it!  She’s excited to just go to Mass and Youth group and not feel OBLIGATED to service hours and projects.    I’m excited for her!!
  6. We have another kiddo preparing for high school next year and oh….the….drama.  The decision between which high school, which academy, band or cheer.  Oy.  I think we are close to a decision and after her open house tonight I’m certain it will be settled.
  7. While the rest of the nation gloats in all their snow pictures we’ll just be over here minding our business in our 70 degree weather contemplating to turn on the AC or not.  Who knows.  We have another month or so of winter, so maybe I can whip out the boots again for one more turn.

Alright, alright, alright.  Have a great week and I’ll be settling into my new JOB PROMOTION.  Happy weekending!!!

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