Fluffy fiesta

Today was the day, kids:  weigh in.

Which, of course, means that last night was my “last supper”.  Because clearly I’m not fluffy enough, right?

And……………….Hubby out of town.  Girls out of the house.  Boys out of the house.  Just me and the dog.  Sign 1.  “Go home

Perhaps I should have taken it as a Sign 2 that my “sisterhood” were all either sick or otherwise occupied to just go home.  But noooooooooooooooooooo.   One sister was meeting some mutual friends out for some quick mexican before hitting the movies with her college boy who’s home for break.  And so.  I went.

It was fun.

I haven’t seen the other girls in a while, so fun to catch up and the food is good.  I ordered a margarita—as one does in a mexican restaurant– and split a quesadilla with my girl.

Let’s just say that if you only had $10 but really wanted to hit up happy hour and treat your friend as well…..I am your date, because  this body….just can’t do it anymore.

Fortunately, my saving grace is that I KNOW this about me and so I also ordered a water as a chaser.  First sip with the provided straw—my mind fast forwarded to me on the floor in 10 minutes if I continued down that road.  Straw tossed and I commenced to nurse that puppy, so hard that 30 minutes later I was barely 1/4 way in.   At this point, I gave up and offered to share with my friend.  She finished it for me which was a good choice for my body and I went home early to watch Under the Tuscan Sun (again) with my dog.

This morning I woke up with a flippin’ headache!!!!  Can you believe that nonsense?  I was FURIOUS!!!

I managed to fight through my 8 a.m. workout, which my body realllllllllly wanted to sleep through.  I had to move my spot in the gym because the sun.  The SUN.  Burning my eyes.  Not helping my head.  But I did it.  No jumping squats but also…….No hurling.  Head minimally aching.  Muscles sure to be sore.  But truly.  C’mon.  Barely 1/2 a margarita?!?!!?  With food.  And water.  clearly my body is protecting me, so I’ll be grateful for that.

Anywhooooooooo.  All measured up.  Weighed in.  Blood results back.  And there is work to be done.  (not a shocker or I wouldn’t be doing this)

Groceries have been bought.  I have the evening to plan meals and decide what needs to be prepped tomorrow.

Game ON.

Stay tuned………………and enjoy Saturday!

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