Weekly wrap

Friday and checking in with Kelly and all the Quick Takers!

  1. What a week.  (dont’ we say that every week?)  but really.  Whoa.  Hubs had a conference last weekend that had him out of town on Friday-Sunday.   He then turned around and had a work conference Tues-Thurs.  While solo parenting bigs is a LOT easier than littles, it still turned our week a little topsy turvy.  So, so, so glad it’s Friday.
  2. I made a pork roast in the crock pot one night this week and failed to notice that it was so large that the lid was ever slightly lifted and we will just say that “leftovers” is a phrase that is getting big sighs and eye rolls around here lately!
  3. I made both of my workouts this week for the mayor’s challenge and am definitely working and definitely modifying due to some impingement issues on my shoulder.  So this is clearly going to be a battle of the plate the next 8 weeks.  Ugh.  I really want a cooking fairy!
  4. My first week of my new role is going well:  I truly enjoy not clocking in and out and refereed my first conflict—-which I truly do not enjoy, but I knew it going in, so……….any books on conflict?  throw ’em my way!!
  5. The Hubs hit a talk on scholarships and funding college and now we have an appointment next week to “meet with someone”.  Our oldest went into electrical school so this is new and interesting.  What happened to just signing up for the SAT and showing up with your ID and a check?  Now it’s a 30-40 minute application PROCESS and apparently scholarships are tied right on up in this whole scam.  Is it just me, or has our world truly gone ridiculous?  Does Keep It Simple, Stupid, just not apply anymore???  Again, wisdom?  Toss it on over here!!!
  6. We have a work event this weekend so I’ll be hoping that I can get my little menu going at some point and actually prep for next week…..abs are made in the kitchen, right?
  7. Our sweet girl’s confirmation is this weekend.  Surreal.  This life.  Too fast.  Man.

That’s it, for this week.  I actually have to make a move toward getting ready for work!  Peace out and happy weekend to you all!

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