Whew. Screeching into the weekend

It’s been a minute so I thought I’d rehash and reprocess this week with Kelly and the  7 Quick Takes crew.  Let’s see if I can truly make this quick  😉

  1. Last weekend we paid a visit to our prior city; it was the Hubs first trip back in a looooooooong time.  Since it bordered President’s Day, many friends were out of town for various reasons we were initially sad to miss so many people, but it turned out to be a blessing in that our trip wasn’t rushed and we truly got to spend quality time with our people.  And that, is truly priceless.
  2. Pure Barre.  Have you tried it?  Miss Thang with the Twang, Katherine Whitaker constantly raves about it and I must say that if you ever want to be humbled by muscles making tiny, tight motions and have your legs literally almost collapse all while turning your core into hot, quivery lava….this.  is.  it.  serious talk.  We don’t have one here, but I’ll absolutely give it another whirl any chance I get.  Because I like to torture challenge myself once in a while
  3. The hubs and I are nearing the end of our weekly retreat formation period (end of March) and it is going to be a wild finish because when you are doing something to glorify Christ and encourage faith,  you are going to be tested.  Plain and simple and it will come in a variety of disguises and will not let up.  We are at that point.  So offer up some prayers for our groups would ya?  T.Hanks!
  4. I am borderline definitely overcommitted at this moment and for the next 2 months.  True confession.  First:  our retreat is at the end of March, however………..I am also on a committe for our local chamber of commerce’s annual 5K (April 6)–tracking teams as well as serving as the team captain for our organization.  Fortunately, I am getting the hang of Excel which is saving me (as is the fact that previous records are perfect so….cut and paste).   Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we have a local annual Jazz festival that a friend suckered me into a few years ago as a board member and somehow each year I get another task.  To be fair…….they are pretty easy tasks so far, BUT…….this takes place April 21-22. It all comes in clusters it seems.  So, while the work  isn’t difficult, it’s time management, lots and lots of management.  And so, I think I will take a few days OFF come May, our paddleboards are calling my name.
  5. With Lent coming up, I bought the Blessed is she journal to help me commandeer my thoughts this year (journals are sold out but available as digital download).  The other night though, we attended Adoration and so I believe I will resurrect regular Adoration for Lent.  Truly one of my favorite places and there is certainly never a shortage of prayer intentions, is there?  I’m not shooting for a perfect Lent, but I would love an INTENTIONAL Lent.
  6. Funny story:  The other morning, my pup, who often barks at me while I am finishing my coffee in the a.m. in my chair showed me WHY he barks.  He wants me to get up so that HE can have the chair.  Stinker. Pulled the old, move your feet, lose your seat.  The nerve!!!  He’s cute though so since I was done sitting anyway………….
  7. Lastly.  Edel is coming to Austin, TX  August 4-5.  Tickets go on sale March 16.  So now…..I need to pray about this and budget chat the hubs about this and then if the decision is yes……my bestie doesnt’ like to fly and so we might drive?!?!?!  16 hours.  I may just have to knock her out and put her on the plane.  We will see, one thing at a time.  OK!!!!!!  Have a great week y’all!!!

2 thoughts on “Whew. Screeching into the weekend

  1. Mary Cooper

    I have the BiS Lenten Journal, too. I enjoyed the Advent one…except for the drawing! (Not an artist by any stretch of the imagination!) And Adoration: what a wonderful hour. People who don’t take an hour have no idea what they’re missing!



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