Shiny, happy people

Ah social media, you double edged sword, you.

With the 2016 campaign nonsense of unimaginable choices and the resulting (yet expected) chaos of the victor in 2017… social media presence took a serious dive to what just may possibly be a permanent situation–which is awesome by the way!!  Facebook removed from my phone and checked sort of intermittently, Twitter only when I’m bored or seeking out something on the news, but Insta…..that’s my jam.  Love the variety of pictures and instastories–even though I haven’t quite figured it out (and my girls asked me in a horrified manner NOT to instastory), limited drama, just life.   BUT….Facebook.  Certainly DOES have its moments.  The article below was pulled from Facebook and I love it.  Because it is good.  It is useful and it cannot be disregarded or pooh-poohed.  So I shared it there on my rare surfacing and I’ll share it here.

Social media often just shares the shiny, happy people stories (unless you’re a drama queen and share all your dirty laundry–in case I’ve already got you hidden–b/c puhleeeze–who has time for that crap?) and rarely touches on the real. Sometimes though,  we all need to share some great ideas on parenting through the tough stuff.  Like it or not, it comes.  Fast, furious and certain.  All the stupid stuff we did, didn’t do, thought about or had friends of friends do.  Good chance our kids will do it, see it, be tempted by it or exposed to it, so let’s help each other out here.  No judgement (glass houses and rocks and all), let’s just lend a hand.  Love always wins.  Link below

This.   SO.  THIS

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