Springing in to Friday!

It’s been a few weeks so I thought I’d jump in with Kelly et al. and catch you up a bit!

  1.  It is spring!!  I celebrated the other night with a walk on the beach to switch it up.  Shorts, t-shirt…..it was a little cool, but if you walk fast enough and long enough you warm up, so it was good!  The surfers in the water with wetsuits though…..I’m not ready for the water; I’ll keep it on the sand for a little bit longer!

2.  With spring comes the planning for the next school year which means…..our BABY enters high school.  Our BABY!!!   That’s all, folks.  Elementary=check.  Middle school=almost check.  High school.  You’d think since I have been there and done that x3 it would have been easy.  It was.  Truly.  She’s ready.  I’m ready, too.  But, I swear it was a hot minute ago that no-sleeping toddler was waking the house at 2 a.m. to come down the stairs…”Mama, I talkin’ to  you!!”  Sigh.  But it’s good.  We were born to do this.

3. Speaking of milestones…..another driver enters the arena.  She is essentially the driver anytime we leave the house and even though I’ve done THIS x2 you’d think it would be easy.  You’re wrong.  It’s hard.  I suck at not grabbing the door handles, imaginary floor break and raising my voice unintelligibly instead of using words like, “slow down.  that’s a red light.  coming in a little hot.”  Instead of mgjhkdflkdgkkgmj.  But.  It’s been a few weeks and we’re both improving, so that’s a plus.   And so we motor on…….sometimes to a yummy breakfast!

4.   This dude.  Can’t find a spot ON the couch to his liking so he just stuffs himself between the couch and ottoman so that I can’t get up without stepping on him.  So cute!!  No worries, that’s just a leaf on the floor, not poop.  Plus, he’s just killing time until we go to bed and he can lay across my shins and trap me in my bed so I can’t put him in his crate.

5.  Last weekend I enjoyed some solo time while the Hubs was on retreat and the kids were all occupied and such.  I was able to nail down those pesky CEUs, enjoy the weather, some walking with my pup, get sh** done and it was amazing.  This weekend is the ladies turn to present the retreat so if you get a minute to offer a few prayers this weekend that would be awesome–especially since I’ll be giving a witness around lunchtime ish, 1, 2 o’clock somewhere!!

6.   Out oldest son is 19 and knows IT ALL just in case anyone needed a better reference than Google—I wanted to throw that out there for you.  Well, he spent the better part of the last 6 months without a motorcycle (I loved that part!), however,  he was building his own, pretty much from the frame/motor up (I didn’t love that part).  Do you have any idea how much CRAP goes into a motorcylce to make it run?!??!  A lot.  And it’s greasy and smelly.  Now you know.  Fortunately, most of the build was at a friend’s house in Orlando because he has all the tools and stuff, but by the grace of God he pulled it together just in the nick of time for the last weekend of Bike Week. Yeah.  I hated that.   It’s still not exactly where he wants it and there will be endless “tweaking”, but it’s rideable.   He even won a trophy for something and is going to be featured in a chopper magazine, so he’s pretty pumped his vision came to life.  And then some.  Regardless of my feelings about motorcycles and my children riding them I must say it’s a pretty amazing feat.  So.  He might know a few things.  But not everything.  winkety wink

7.  My sister came into town with my nephew and his girlfriend so we hit Main Street the first weekend of Bike Week with the kids and mom and her Hubby–because we are amazing moms like that.   Let’s just say, Main Street, you do not dissapoint in the holy cow department!!!  One quick stroll up and back was plenty eye burning and entertaining, so it made for a fun afternoon.  Of course, the perfect weather and the “rest” time in Joe’s Crab Shack didn’t hurt that’s for sure!!

Peace out y’all.

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