Quick taking and sisterhood

Linking it to Kelly and all the Quick Takes of the week gang because LONG LIVE THE LINKUP (without it I barely blog…..).

  1. Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to present a renewal retreat for women at church.  This gift of faith and growing together in sharing and caring for others is flat out amazing.  Exhausting.  Exhilarating.  Fulfilling.  Healing.  Peace in the midst of the upper room.
  2.   I actually had to present a witness and if you know me, you know how difficult that was.  Truth is though, it is incredibly difficult for ANYONE to present a witness on their life because life is hard and to place yourself in that spotlight is making yourself vulnerable to the unknown and that is scary.  However, the reality is, if that is where God is calling you, He will make it happen.  He will protect you, give you the strength  you need and bless the heart that needs to hear what you are saying.  Easy?  Nope.  Freeing?  Definitely.
  3. Six months ago the process of the retreat was restful and rejuvenating to my faith and key to building a faith community.  The past six months opened my heart to amazing women whom I’ve come to know intimately and despite our differences in ages, backgrounds and lives He has knit us together to support each other.  I have been through this before and it is still just awe-inspiring that I would be blessed again with another phenomenal group of women to do life with.  What a gift!
  4. Life is busy.  Work and home life balance are tough, never mind taking care of ourselves as wife, mother, daughter, friend, woman.  But, man….do we ever need to take that time,  not only to take care of ourselves with exercise and good food and all that jazz but to tend to that spiritual side, that mental side—-they drive it all;  if we can’t give our heart and soul some love the rest will crumble.  Find the time, you’re worth it.
  5. My Blessed is She Lenten study, “Put on Love” by Elizabeth Foss is amazing and I don’t know what I’ll do when it ends.  It is so good.  How have I gotten out of this habit????  Another example of amazing sisterhood….BIS….and the faithful work of Elizabeth.

I’ve run out of time, my people and will have to call it a 5 QT.  It’s time to be intentional with my family and get this Friday morning freight train rolling!!  FriYAY!!!

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