May! Mamas and birthday celebration!

Raise your hand if May is a busy month!

Throw in a few birthdays and Mother’s day and every May is SUPER MAY around here!! (followed by June’s plethora of birthdays, anniversary and Father’s day–it’s practically a month of cake!)

I know this day isn’t easy for everyone for a variety of reasons and I offered those intentions up during Mass this a.m.  Right after crying through our priest singing “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman”.   

I’ve got zero complaints and 1 trillion blessings.  It’s been a fabulous weekend all around just being with my people, getting a few things done and having some down time—allegedly snoring during my nap today.  (ok, I even woke myself up a time or two…whatever.  worth it!)

Got my first paddle board of the season in on Saturday before the rain with the hubs, snuggled the SWEETEST puppy and spent some quality time with my kiddos and hubs.  We even tried to recreate a favorite Mother’s Day pic of mine (click HERE for the original) and it erupted into a li’l fit….that’s parenthood….not perfect.  and it is all good.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

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