Friday Roundup

It’s been a minute, but since I only seem to blog when I have a few days off, I figured I’d clock in with Kelly and the gang for some quick takes.  So let’s go!

  1. I’m adding some new podcasts to the mix and one of them is Jen Hatmaker’s .  Currently the podcast is a series on Girlfriends and this must just be a hot spot in my life right now because it is a recurrent theme on many levels.  I love Jen, she is hilarious and real and we have a similar season of life right now so I GET her and apparently she gets me.  And after listening, I realized my girlfriend glass is DRY, DRY, DRY.  One of my sisterhood circles has us all in so many directions of life with hubbies, no hubbies, kids,  empty nests, summer, perpetual summer, vacations, no vacations, work, self-employed, retired, it is dang near impossible to all get together.  But the podcast reminded me…..friends are important.  VASTLY important.  And friendships take effort and nurturing like any other relationship.   So we got together one night on a whim and set up a monthly get together.  The sisterhood is BACK!!  So, thanks Jen!!  We needed that push!
  2. Along the theme of girlfriends….Edel ’17 was last weekend in Austin.  Sadly, I missed it, but since I stalked everyone’s instagram and twitter feeds I virtually enjoyed it.  When I first realized this just wasn’t the summer for Edel, I was disappointed and figured if I was meant to go, it would happen.  As it worked out, I was not meant to go, BUT I was at total peace with it and I was right where I needed to be.  So perhaps Edel ’18?  We shall see, but I was so glad to see some of my internet and IRL blog friends together again and being fed in the spiritual and girlfriend realms.  Such awesomeness!!  #insteadofedel I met with two different girlfriends during the weekend for spectacular walks and catch up time and another girlfriend to visit and inherit a phone for our girl, so that was WIN WIN in the girlfriend department for this mama!!
  3. Another podcast, Do something beautiful by Leah Darrowis on my playlist and today was a joy with her interview with Mark Hart.  So fun and just interesting to hear the ways God works in people’s lives and the evolution of faith and how different that looks for everyone.   Top it off with a great ending and a few encouraging thoughts that I took all the way to Adoration with me on parenting:  if you are parenting and  you’re praying, you’re not failing……good reminder when it seems like it is a total poop emoji show…..just keep praying!  God doesn’t expect perfection, He expects effort.  And lastly, remember that the Graces in the sacraments are endless; there is no problem or struggle bigger than God.  For the entire podcast go HERE.
  4. As summer comes to a close here, we roll into the school year with ALL high schoolers!!!  A senior, sophomore and freshman.  It hits me in waves and really weird waves.  For instance, the end of band camp performance is tonight; it is hot, muggy, sun in your eyes and pretty quick, followed by a pot luck dinner for 500…so we pretty much bring food and eat at home…..because lines for days.  But then I remember, it’s the LAST band performance of band camp because we have a SENIOR.  I imagine the whole year will be like that, trying to capture all the “lasts”, so we will be there sweating our butts off in the super non-comfy stands with our sunglasses on and savoring it.  Ah time, you are a bittersweet one.
  5. With the advent of school starting, we also have the beginning of faith formation, volunteering, schedule juggling and trying to balance it all.  I’m feeling pretty certain this will be the year of  a guilt-free “NO”–I just have to pray what I’m saying “NO” to, but after some time in Adoration I am feeling some serious peace about that;  it’s OK to say NO for your sanity so that you can bless your family rather than YES and be stressed out and resenting every volunteer gig.  It’s hard, but I’ve been here before and I know the fruits that come from a season of NO and I’m ready for the harvest.
  6. The first day of school also means mom and dad took a vacation day.  To do whatever.  they.  want.  All day.  So we are adulting today with lab work (both), mammogram (me), lunch with step dad (me), annual check up (kiddo), taxi duty (me), work (hubby), and band performance (both) so that we can UN-adult all day Monday.  At least while the kids are at school.  So.  Boom.
  7. Lastly, a little serious as we enter the school year and all that goes with it.  Two nights ago we had a 9 year old boy go missing in our city.  The story goes that he routinely rides his bike all day to hang out with friends and comes home in the evening.  No cell phone.  Parents don’t know the friends.  (this is all from the paper, so take it with a grain of salt).  The other night, he didn’t show up at the usual time.  3 hours of helicopters, foot and car patrol and city wide search and he was located safe, sound and oblivious to the commotion of the past several  hours at the skate park a mile away.  You can imagine the judgement going on in the parenthood realm.  The boy’s grandfather remarked that he was so happy to see him that he was hugging him and not letting him out of his arms all night.  Miraculously I was able to stay out of the debates on the parenting or lack of that must be going on and I’ll tell you why.  Perhaps we don’t know the whole story.  Perhaps the paper sensationalizes the details.  In reality, we just don’t know.  And so I thought that maybe he lives with grandparents ( a growing trend) and that is a generation that grew up with “be home by dark” and they allow it—ah the glorious good ‘ole days.  Quite frankly, I think it’s great.  Maybe you don’t.  I am certain it opened a new discussion on communication in that family unit and the importance of staying in touch.  Maybe it didn’t.  One thing I know is….. we don’t know.  However, we are often quick to judge aren’t we?  So rather than get dragged into a pointless discussion on judgy McJudgersons (that’s me judging them), I gave a huge prayer of Thanksgving for the boy being found safe and a grandpa who was dang happy to have him home.  And I will take that into the school year and all the microcosms of various parenting, social circles and kid activities.  We might presume to know what’s going on with kids and families, but really we never know.  Unless we make the effort to know, to love our neighbors, embrace our differences and be open to other opinions.  You’d be surprised at what we learn about each other when we take the time.  Happy weekend to all!!

    Snapchat.  Always great makeup and painfree piercings!!

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