Hurricane Irma or longest week EVER


Last weekend, on Saturday, the Hubs and I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and get the second propane tank filled.  Just in case.  Every store was SOLD OUT.  I was like, what in the heck……usually the chaos starts a few days before the hurricane.  Not a week.  But then we don’t generally have the fresh hell of Harvey in our immediate thoughts.  Fortunately, being early enough in the week, the stores were constantly replenishing.

Tuesday.   I sprinkle the entire house with holy water.  My kids roll their eyes.  I give zero Fs.  I boiled eggs.  Made protein balls.  Got ice, water and non perishables.   I get my car serviced, just in case.  And the week went on, work, school and peppered with constant news feeds and updates, the SOLE subject of any and all conversations at work, planning and the question to board or not to board, to evacuate the kids and Hubby or not.

Wednesday I set up the Zello app with friends and it is the biggest of the busts.  Supposedly walkie talkie app for your phone to stay in touch.  However, setting it up was a joke and since it uses wifi, it won’t be much help when power goes out.  And it sucks down the battery even while not in use.  File under useless.  The delete button is a beautiful thing.

At the end of the week we decided to board up and… plywood.  well, there was plywood coming, but basically you have to sit and wait for the truck.  Hubby improvised and bought pallets and constructed window covering.  While on the 3rd window, our oldest son got a lead on plywood and made the trip with a friend to grab it up.  And of course, refill gas, which is now becoming hit and miss throughout town.

Thursday we make the decision for Hubby and kids to evac (since I am hospital based, there is a large possibility of having to go in to the hospital either during or after the storm and our oldest will likely be needed at work after the storm as well).  Hubby works remote and we settle on Birmingham, since Atlanta is currently in the “cone of uncertainty” (gotta love that apt name) and Tallahassee is on the edge.

Friday the storm turns west and now with traffic on I95 just insanely busy with evacuees (I see it daily on my way to work as well as people resting in our parking lot after driving all night), and gas truly becoming harder and  harder to obtain, we revisit the evac plan and decide for them to stay.  As the storm continues to turn west, this is a decision I am so grateful for as they would have evacuated to the directly into the path.  Tallahassee is now firmly in the cone, as is Birmingham.

Saturday 1/2 of our neighborhood loses electricity.  Not us.  Our next door neighbors come over and finish their laundry and bake a banana bread.  I made a second and last run for post-hurricane stuff:  instant coffee, baby wipes, bananas, grapes, oreos, candy corn and La Croix coconut water, because priorities.  Finish laundry.  Make chocolate chip cookies.  Help Hubby hold a few boards as he finishes boarding up my mom’s house as best he can.  Walk the dog.  Pace a lot. Make chicken soup in the crockpot.  Allow 2 of 4 kids one last sleepover for the week.  Begin to check in on my west coast and Panhandle friends because it’s heading right for them.  Some are making last minute evac plans, some are hunkering down, some are undecided.  The entire state is in fret.

Sunday.  I make pumpkin muffins and Three bean bake for dinner.  Walk the dog.   Sprinkle the house with more holy water because you can’t have enough holy water, this is a fact.   I blog.  I text.   I do my bills.  Now I’ll do one more round of baking and then practice my embroidery?  The waiting is the hardest part.  Maddening.  But all my chickens are now home and we are as ready as we can be.  At this point, we will absorb the “softest hit”, but of course, hurricanes are subject to change.

I’ll also continue praying, because it ain’t over ’til it’s over….thanks for that Hurricane Charley 2004 Image result for hurricane charley path mapAnd Jose is just sitting out there making a plan and deciding what he’ll do.  We’ll just focus on one storm at time, though…..

For the Keys and Miami who are getting hit now and for all who are in the path as Irma heads north.  For those still reeling from Harvey.  For those who will travel back home in a few days to take stock.  Lord, have mercy.

Beautiful sunrise on Friday morning.

All around town….

and at home……………..

nervous energy = dinner in advance

and cookies…

on the bright side, someone has a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood and takes it very seriously


Be safe, my Florida friends and fam.  And everyone…………..pray!  XO

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