Breathing through Advent

December 6.  How y’all doing?  It’s a tough time of year isn’t it?  If you follow social media you might be getting overwhelmed by all the things of Advent and Christmas….Jesse Trees, Advent books, St. Nick shoe stuffing, decorating, gingerbread houses, parties and cards….oh my.  No wonder we are all exhausted come Christmas day–and probably earlier!

As our kids get older, a lot of the perceived pressures are letting up, my “NO” is firmly established in my vocabulary and I have learned to pick and choose what I’d prefer us to focus on as a family.  Game changer.  Some things are trends that came along too late in the game to adopt (looking at the Elf debaucle—Pinterest, I blame you) and others are traditions we didn’t grow up with and opted out as we went along;  life looks different for every family and it’s OK to NOT do all.  the.  things.  Truly.  Pick and choose what works, try new things but man…………don’t sweat the pursuit of the unattainable.  This I know for sure, we don’t get any of this back, those perfect squares come with a price and each day is a gift—so choose wisely and embrace the choices.  Good, bad and ugly.

Here’s what OUR Advent and Christmas season are looking like and I’d love to hear yours!!

Advent wreath is up with mis-matched candles that are lit a few times a week.

Started a #moveandgrooveDecemberchallenge on Instagram with some friends (and ANYONE who wants to join in) to keep us accountable for some very important exercise goals, food choices and in general taking a minute to breathe as well as this very important idea and almost impossible (it seams)– a little time to take care of ourselves during this chaotic time of year. Crazy, right?

St. Andrew novena.  First time doing this.  Not sure if I’m doing it right, but overall it gives me some centered and focused prayer time each day and that is always right!

Christmas cards are done and mailed out.  This is a tradition that works for me and gets my brain in gear and helps to prevent procrastination.  It’s weird, but it works for me.

Baking to come soon!  Just a few tried and true faves as much to share as to save.

And there you go.   We will add a few things, do a few parties, and enjoy our twinkly lights.  Time spent with our friends and family is the most precious and everything else is just glitter.

Peace friends!





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