Night shift Survival

Friday, Friday–favorite day of the week and I am looping in with the Quick Takes Crew over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.  

With December here, I am starting a December focus challenge on Instagram (#moveandgrooveDecemberchallenge) to help cheer each other on by focusing on some self care, activity, and overall awareness of our choices throughout December so that maybe once we reach January we will have come through a little less stressed, maintained our weight (or lost a few–but hey, it’s December so let’s be realistic here)…but mostly just trying to center and focus on A) the real reason for the season and B) evaluate priorities and not get so sucked into the madness and chaos of all the Christmas and Advent things that we lose all of our sh**.  Let me give you your first gift:  the word, “No”.  Feel free to use it without explanation.  It will save your life.

I completed my first solo week on my night shift and though I still need to tweak some sleeping issues, I would say that overall it went well.  Here are a few things that are getting me through–which honestly, can be used by anyone anytime!

I like a little Kombucha for my ride home in the morning.  It is a nice change from water; I don’t need coffee at that point and the little fizz and fun taste is like a party in my mouth and helps keep me a little more alert and oriented on the interstate.  Extra bonus:  antioxidants!  If you’ve never had Kombucha…’s an acquired taste and one you may have to try a few flavors to find your favorite, but it is worthwhile hunt!

I fill this baby up with all the sleepy time oils (and rub some on my feet, wrists and neck)  and then say “Good night!”  I don’t know if it truly works but my room smells good and it certainly can’t be hurting!!

Winter came to Central Florida this week for a couple of days so out came the LLBean Flannel sheets and my grandmother’s afghan.  Heck to the yes.  Slept so hard I wasn’t sure where or who I was when my alarm went off.  

The coffee pot is for my a.m. crew and I reheat it when I wake up, but the BUSTELO…..that is my 5 a.m. hit mixed with almond milk and honey.  YES, SIR!!!   All the wide eyes and bushy tails to carry me through the end of my shift.  

If I don’t feel like coffee in the afternoon, these teas have been hitting the spot.  Warm, comforting and so tasty!

My walking shoes–don’t let the “Run” fool you.  I walk my dog pretty much every day and on my off days he gets a good long walk, so these are a lifesaver.  I had another pair that wore out far too soon and you know what?  The store wouldn’t/couldn’t replace them, but Saucony is sending me a new pair. Free.  Yes, please and thank you for doing the right thing, Saucony!!

Keeping my health on the radar throughout the holidaze.  It’s a sanity saver, mood lifter and performed regularly enough and with enough intensity a booty lifter as well!  Also, pairs well with the December challenge 😉



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