Night shift, shopping, opera and more!

Friday.  My favorite day of the week.  Forever and ever.  Amen.   Linking with Kelly and all the Quick Takers today….and here we go!!

  1. My first week of Night Shift is in the books.  This week I trained with the tech who currently works that shift to get her work flow, etc. etc.  We will train together next week as well.  She is an utter delight, a fount of information, crazy talented and creative and I will miss chatting it up with her.  She also has a delicious blog with tons of healthy and plant based recipes here at This Season’s Table.  So, while I continue to find my groove with the night shift gig, Tiffany is showing me how I can really maximize my potential…’s so exciting!!
  2. With Thanksgiving around the corner I am making my menu–although THANKFUL that mom is taking care of Turkey and stuffing since I work the night before–so I am taking care of side dishes and desserts (my fave) next week.  The guest list will probably change a few more times between now and Thursday but will plan on 15-17 folks.  Mostly teens and young adults.  Which is so fun!
  3. Annnnnnnnnnnd since I picked up my Christmas cards this week and pre-ordered our Christmas tree from our local Catholic High School’s fundraiser, I can begin my shopping on Black Friday!!  Is it possible that I might even be able to really enjoy Advent?  I don’t want to jinx myself but it is looking possible…………………
  4. Speaking of shopping.  If you have any special needs kiddos (or anyone) in your life, Kelly has a great list of ideas here.
  5. Also for consideration, donations to Hurricane victims or to agencies that are assisting.  Or the fires in California.  It is all so overwhelming and horrifying.  The need is phenomenal all over right now from natural disasters and although we may feel paralyzed with ‘WHAT CAN I DO?’  (at least I feel this way), I have an amazing friend and her family who have hit the ground running and made several trips to deliver supplies.  They inspire me that we might not be able to everything but we can all do something and when lots of people do something, big things happen. Below are some Facebook exerpts from some of the trips stolen from friend and her hubby.

     My family and I have traveled west to the coast nearly 1/2 dozen times since Hurricane Michael. Houses have been ripped off their foundations, massive trees have been twisted and snapped like toothpicks, and roofs have been torn from buildings and tossed aside like building blocks. And over one month later, we still can not even access Mexico Beach; authorized personnel only. The devastation is indescribable and the locals are still shell-shocked. Please consider putting on your boots and getting involved. Contact me with questions and I will help direct you.


                    Friends, please know that every sacrifice you made was appreciated. We just dropped off a truck FULL of supplies and then traveled through some smaller neighborhoods in Panama City. The devastation is utterly astounding. We handed out $20 bills to the people we could find. One man exclaimed that now he could buy dog food, another told us that his house is uninhabitable and he has to leave. Didn’t know where he was going or how he was going to make it. A man and another woman we met began to cry when we handed them money. Another young lady simply wept in my arms. Her name is Amanda – pls pray for her💗

    One of my new favorite things to do – hand out Starbucks drinks to those in need. While I don’t drink coffee, nor do I wish this devastation upon anyone, I am so grateful to be surrounded by a community willing to help. What you can’t tell from these pictures is that the backs of many of these buildings no longer exist. Please share, visit; help.

    Image may contain: 1 person, drink
    Image may contain: tree, sky, shoes, outdoor and nature
    Image may contain: outdoor
    Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor and nature
  6. Switching gears:  the Hubs and I are off to the opera tonight.  Sounds so fancy, right?  Our son is a music major at UF and the college is putting on Hansel and Gretel tonight and tomorrow, with full orchestra so if you are in the area……..  Tickets here
  7.  And that is a wrap for this week.  Have a great weekend and stay warm.  Even here is Central FL it was a brisk 44degrees this morning, which 100% means pulling out boots, jackets and flannels!



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