Everybody wins on Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.  In my blogging bonanza I figured I’d share with you some goodies I have come across recently AND a recipe for breakfast.  How’s that sound?  Out of these three tidbits there is theoretically something for everyone=everyone wins!  **also not sponsored….I think  you have to have a ton of people following your blog for that, so these are just a few of my new favoritey things!

Last month my girlfriends and I took a weekender to Savannah (which I instagrammed but haven’t blogged–so you MAY see that in the near future) and during the daylight hours we took in some of the fabulous shopping offered and I came across some really great finds.  With Christmas undeniably around the corner you may want to incorporate some of these in stockings, so without further ado……………..

See the source image

Deodorant stone.  Now I have been VERY skeptical about “natural” deodorant b/c I am no fan of patchouli and that has been my “in real life” experience, but also HIGHLY intrigued because I am aware of the Alzheimer’s/dementia link to aluminum found in anti-perspirants and with this little blessing already present in the genes I would like to do what I can to prevent or delay this onset.  My super sweet sales girl explained to me how it works:   unlike traditional deodorant, this is not a “one and done” swipe, but rather wet the stone and apply to CLEAN, DRY skin as you massage it in—vvvv important if you want this to actually work as expected.  Again.  Super skeptical, but worth the try.  It is unscented, dries quickly and not sticky at all and after 3 weeks of use and truly putting it through it’s paces in the ER, I am a fan.  I’m pretty sure it will last almost forever which makes the $5.50 price tag UBER worthy.  I’m putting these in the girl’s stockings and they have promised to give it a whirl over Christmas break—but like their mother they remain skeptical.  The whole store was really fantastic with all kinds of great bath, body and home products (color me a sucker for all that jazz)  and you can shop online here @ nourishsavannah

Moving on to fab find #2………………

The Spice and Tea Exchange

See the source image

This store is directly next to Rise Biscuits Donuts which pretty much had the best peach AND blueberry biscuits in the universe and since I had one the day before and just finished brunch I went next door to avoid the inevitable pull of the dough….but I am getting off track here.  (but if you’re in Savannah and not gluten free………..GO!)

The Tipsy Toffee Herbal Tea (decaf) and Pumpkin Chai Latte Tea (because hello, FALL!) were AHmazing!!!   I am a complete and total newbie to loose leaf tea and needed to buy the ball thing to put the leaves in,  however, I am a BELIEVER!!!   So.  Freaking.  Good.  Sorry to say the Tipsy toffee tea is currently out of stock, but if it comes back in…..get.  it.  I bought several other various spice packets (which I have used pretty frequently with wonderful results) and had to quickly check out because I could see where things were heading but they also offer online shopping and I found them very reasonably priced.  Tasty options for corporate gifts, hostess gifts, etc. etc. etc.    The owners were super sweet and knowledgable as well, so you can’t go wrong there!  HIGHLY recommend!!

OK.  Last thing….a breakfast recipe.  Short, sweet and nutritious!!

No name for it.  Let’s call it pumpkin souffle breakfast.  Works for me.

1 banana smooshed up in a bowl

2 eggs lightly beaten (or 1 egg and 1 egg white, shoot, 2 egg whites will prob work, too!)

1/4 cup of pumpkin puree, more or less—I just eyeball measurements

cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to taste…..1/2 tsp ish

scoop of coconut cream (put a can of coconut milk in fridge….the stuff that floats to the top is coconut cream–super good!)

raisins–optional so however many you want

Mix it all up real good

Microwave 2 minutes and stir and let it go another minute.  Depending on your microwave, once it’s not runny in the middle you are good to go.  Let it cool and enjoy!

Until we meet again, have a great Wednesday!



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