Makeovers, redos and found time

Yes.  I am blogging two whole days in a row here.  Insanity.  This is what I do when I have some extra time and I am loving it.   And I am rethinking my blog.  Do I want a theme?  A life diary?  Inspiration and motivation?  A lifestyle blog-? –JK–the last one was a joke, I don’t have THAT much time!!

Some of the things I am working on with my “found time” thus far:

  • Upping my fitness and health game.  I’ve been meeting a friend 3 mornings a week for weight training but now I have extra days to take our pup on longer walks and meal planning which is a heck of a lot easier to do earlier in the day because at night I am DONE.  Nevermind the time change, my productivity ramps early and my rest and recreation kicks in at the end of the day.  Which brings me to the conclusion that these things can only be good for my health—and my waist–in addition to changing up the weekly menu which always makes the fam happy!
  • Blogging–case in point…day 2.  Gotta start somewhere right?
  • Calligraphy.  Basically a fun hobby.  I have decent handwriting (when I’m not hurrying) and I find it very relaxing.
  • Sewing.  So far I have done a little curtain project, mended some rips and fashioned a little thing a ma jig for my shoe.  Again.  A start, but now I actually have time to play with it and get those lines a little straighter.
  • Cooking.  See health and fitness.  It’s a lot easier to cook when you aren’t rushed, hungry and whipped from the day.  Today our oven is actually broke, but I did make hard boiled eggs and bacon and have today and tomorrow’s dinner plan, so I am feeling pretty accomplished right now.

Tune back in tomorrow for some products I’m using………….

Peace!  Tracy


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