Season change…

Daylight savings.  Le.  Sigh.  What sounds like a dream….”extra hour of sleep”….is such a sham.  Generally DST kills me for two weeks before I adjust.  Whatevs.  I’ll suffer through with the rest of humanity and then we can do it all over in the spring!  Am I right??

THIS year adds a twist;, I have a job change which is sending me back to the night shift–where I started my career.  I have worked the night shift several times over my career and in general,  like it because it is a tight group, people show up and work and there is none of the daytime drama and politics, etc.  Of course, fast forward 25 years and I am no longer the spry little 22 year old who keeps those hours on my off-nights as well.  I am also no longer the 29 year old mama who is caring for babies after the Sunday night shift, so I am thinking the sleep factor is going to be a game-changer this time around.  AND I have some extra time during the week as well, so I am ready for this.  I don’t know how long it will last since the only constant thing in healthcare and life is change………….but I am peace and am trusting that God has a plan, ther is a purpose to this change, and somehow He is going to make sure I am well-equipped to deal with all the changes….even DST!!


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