all good things

look like crap before they look good

We were stuck in our house too long with the “stay-at-home” orders and decided to paint and discuss renovations. Pandora’s box, anyone???

That went well.

this is the only before picture I have. I’m not even sure how that happened except that I think snapchat was involved. Trust me when I say we went with Behr “Evaporation” and it is a the loveliest of blue/grey chameleon paint every and I love it!!

anyway. here we are.

hopefully I have some lovely pics to show you in a couple of months. In the meantime, here’s the next project and probably first “fix” to be complete.

lifted up the wallpaper that was bubbling and found this lovely paneling. soon to be dry walled and painted a non-green color. it’s better than it was and eons different from what it will be. fingers crossed!

until then. I’m just going to keep whispering to myself and the hubs, “it will all be worth it. it will all be worth it. it will all be worth it.” then I’m going to find some ruby red slippers!!

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