Remember that little house that God bought?

Welp. She got a reno! This little 1972 ranch has now come into 2020. A project that monopolized all of our Corona-quarantine time. When we first started, I shared a little house paint/office demo here. We still have some exterior stuff to do—wrapping up over the next two weeks. However for the most part—it’s done. Hallelujah!! Perfect timing because my allergies kicked in today, so I’ve been laying low with no enormous “to-do” list staring me down.

For starters I’ll give you the kitchen. I’ll do separate posts of the bathrooms, office and living/dining room. The entire project has been in various forms of discussion for the past 2 years, however, we knew that when we started we were doing it ALL. That knowledge was so overwhelming we never could pull the trigger—-add to that all the choices that we needed to make—-neither of us were ready. Cue Corona and all the weekends at home….just add paint and we crossed the start line.

While our kitchen was fully functional, the wall oven was small and I was limited in cooking—-I made it work, but I really longed to return to a standard size oven. Our cabinets were laminate overlay so painting them might have been possible in some Pinterest universe, however, we know our limits and if we were doing it,we were DOING IT!! So. We opted to gut the kitchen and in the end we have a standard oven, microwave above to free up counter space and the wall oven is now an open shelving unit with plans to add a shelf to house my cookbooks with the bottom shelf making a home for our larger applicances. I am thrilled with the outcome! And Hubby built it!! One other bonus with gutting the kitchen was that our flooring was continuous through the house.
The wall oppposite the kitchen sink was a hodgepodge of functional items to fill the space. I love the buffet (a piece I inherited from a dear friend), but really wanted to have more cabinet space as well as some additional counter space to serve food on at family gatherings. Mission accomplished and my buffet now has a new home in our dining room .

Of course we are still shifting items in cabinets trying to find the best place and I keep going to the wrong spot for the garbage…..but it is finished and we love it!

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