June 4.

Today we see the Pharisees try to catch Jesus off guard in his teaching, to stump him, to make him look less appealing to the people, to discredit him. Instead, Jesus puts the question back to the Pharisees in a manner that they cannot refute essentially silencing them. The people, however, are thrilled and enjoy his teachings.

Do the people grasp the fact that while Jesus is the ancestor of David, Jesus is also David’s Lord? Jesus IS the Messiah. Jesus IS seated at God’s right hand. Jesus is here to save them. And us. David “knew” and we “know” and yet, don’t we still question, “why”?

There is a difference in questioning out of ignorance, from a place longing for knowledge, to grow closer to Christ and questioning for the sake of challenging, hoping for a misstep and to be “right”.

So when we have questions ,are we asking from a place of faith or a place of arrogance? One leads to peace, strength and comfort, the other to jealousy, anger and weakness.

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