The mountains are calling

Wrapping up another assignment and tonight is my LAST Night Shift for awhile. Never say never and all that…..

This assignment has been a local treat. Home each day, good people to work with and the opportunity to get in a lot of “last things” before we head north. “Last” for a little bit anyway: visiting friends, family, enjoying the beach, paddle boarding, our favorite restaurants, my fave wine bar, etc. Soaking it up.

I had to fight to get past the break a little more than I expected but it was a nice start to our day, I even caught an awesome wave on my way in—on my belly, so fun!

As I wind down my work commitment, the excitement is building and overcoming the nerves. I am sad to be so far from our family and friends—the ONE downside that I see. Technology is a wonderful thing when it allows us to FaceTime our kids and share our daily adventures. Air travel is relatively inexpensive on the no-frills airline and we have space to share. To be bound by the what-ifs and worries about life is to let fear drive our decisions—I don’t want to live like that. Life is too short.

A little over 5 days to get prepared and packed and squeeze in a few more dinners, beach time and hugs with family and friends and off we go. Stay tuned……who knows what lies ahead??

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