Vacation mode

After a 2-day drive broken up by a glorious 5 hour nap and shower at Candlewood suites (clean, convenient and dog friendly) we made it to Vermont. Our little slice of rural Vermont life at our AirBNB has us in full vacation mode and it will be a bit before it clicks that we are here in New England to stay. At least for a while.

Our Airbnb is great, has a 10 acre meadow on one side, another expansive meadow on the other side and tons of trails surrounding it; our dog is in leash-free heaven. He chases the robins, explores endlessly and samples various nap locales. Surprisingly, he joined us willingly for a car ride in search of covered bridges and exploring some nearby towns today—the epic drive in his car prison long forgotten.

It’s a little warm (it IS August) but not as warm as home and we have a nice respite at night and in the mornings. The views are worth it and almost make me forget that we don’t have A/C—but we do have ice cream. and fans. Again…..vacation. Should we have a clear night we will drag our quilt onto the meadow for some star gazing—fingers crossed!!

We will continue to do the hard work of resting and relaxing a few more days, for now we are pinching ourselves and giving thanks for this gift of time and opportunity and see what God has in store for us along the way.

Enjoy a few pics—-it doesn’t even come close tho….you’ll have to come visit and see for yourself!

Our Meadow view from our bathroom (you can see one of three windows)
Our backyard view and Bandit’s romping grounds
Mountain View coming in from the trails behind the property
Town center
When you just don’t know what to do with those old bikes…..
Our Lady of the Snows
Public library in Woodstock, VT
Woodstock Inn and Resort
Our first covered bridge (of many to come)

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