Rain showers

The other night after work we went down to check out a local swimming hole a couple miles away and take a walk. The intent was to walk about 30 minutes, check out the area and grab a bite to eat because we had not fully grocery shopped yet for our condo and we needed some grub.

Swimming hole view

The swimming area was quite large, not busy and the lake view was lovely with a mountain backdrop, and boat going past with the a summer water skier in tow—-a classic summer lake view—simply gorgeous. I am constantly mentally pinching myself here and this was a moment for sure.

Lake. Mountain. Water skier.

As we started to walk, it was overcast and breezy, a lovely 75 degrees—a welcome respite from the heat we brought with us from Florida. We started down one trail and it was very short and then headed down another trail. The breeze picked up. Hubby suggested we head to the car because the “breeze” was probably rain. I was hellbent on getting my steps in so I insisted we walk anyway since the trail was all under trees—we probably wouldn’t get that wet. I hate it when he’s right—especially when I know he’s probably right and I push for my own way. Sometimes I am still a bratty twelve year old.

It started to pour. Not rain. Pour buckets. And those dang trees were useless as umbrellas. We were already wet, so we kept walking until the temp started dropping and my stubbornness couldn’t take it anymore. Hubby was such a good sport about it and made me laugh—bless him. By the time we got back to the parking lot, the rain stopped. We were absolutely drowned rats with a small hand towel we used for the dog to share between the two of us.

And then. A rainbow. A Double rainbow with the bow ending in the lake ahead of us. It was absolutely spectacular and the pictures do it zero justice. Had we not followed my ridiculous stubborn self on that trail we would have missed it—what a beautiful gift. Not a gift for being stubborn, but a gift in spite of my stubbornness. Breathtaking. God has a great sense of humor.

The end of the rainbow is HERE

Dinner out turned into dinner IN—a smorgasbord of leftovers and a plan to complete grocery shopping the next morning.

This adventure of ours is off to a very cool start! It’s going to be epic!!!

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