Ask and you shall receive

We’ve completed week one in New England and continue to be awe-struck. I hope it doesn’t end any time soon, because it is such fun to find so many cool things waiting around each corner. I do love the honeymoon phase of new things, don’t you??

This entire adventure started last summer as a strong sense of God wanting us to be here. “Our” plan was maybe 2+ years down the road to explore moving or snow-birding (a term familiar to Floridians where folks in the north follow the best weather—-winter in Florida and summer in the North—FANTASTIC concept if you can pull it off, and a lot of people DO!). Anyway, this pull to New England was incredibly strong and just seemed so insanely out-of-the-blue that Hubby and I discussed it, prayed about it and basically explored the idea that if we are meant to do it, God will work out the details. Welp. He sure did. That gorgeous hike in August snowballed into a series of events that had me quit my job and traveling as a CT tech by January 1. I can’t even list every single thing that “magically” fell into place during this time. In spite of all my doubts, second-guessings, and fears—-there is NO doubt in my mind that God is orchestrating every move. I don’t know why, but I am currently enjoying every second. Perhaps one day we will know why He wants us here, but for now, we’re going with the flow.

A few things I have prayed for and He has blessed us with abundantly.:

A beautiful parish to worship with, not just in the architecture but in the reverence shown by the priest and parishioners alike at all Masses. Bonus: so many young families!!!! Daily Mass available in the mornings and evenings—especially important for me since I work Sundays.
A place to take a daily walk. While our condo is lovely, it is located on a very short cul-de-sac off a main road; this is not conducive to a regular walk where I can just meditate, pray and de-stress for 45 minutes or so. We are hiking, but since we are working we can’t hike EVERY day, so I really wanted to locate somewhere nearby to walk where I wouldn’t get run over and could take our dog. God: check out the side road DIRECTLY across the street, approx. 1 mile of peaceful dirt road, complete with farms, old cemetery and picturesque views of the mountain, will that work? This road also has an entrance to a 75 MILE greenway hike/mountain bike trail. I mean. Seriously. God is just showing off at this point.

Just for funsies, we are treated with extra surprises almost daily…..

Pick your own blueberries. OK. Florida has this, too. BUT, not 5 minutes from my house and certainly NOT 72 degree temps to pick yummy blueberries. We picked about a two pounds and Hubby and the kids will go back this week to get more.
We explored a nearby town, finding a small bookstore to grab trail maps/books, a local tavern for dinner and a jazz band concert in the park RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CAR!! As we were listening and taking it all in, Hubby said, “is this a fairytale?” We both laughed and agreed it is.
Driving back to our condo, we swung by a dairy—(also minutes from the house)—that not only has out-of-this-world homemade ice cream (maple whiskey pictured above), but a petting zoo with free-roaming goat, gorgeous flower garden and breathtaking 360-degree views! OK, maybe the ice cream is mediocre and everything else makes it amazing——we will never know. What I do know is, we will be back.

Now, life is still life. Don’t get me wrong. We still have our daily ups and downs and worries about our kids, helping them through this transition and coaching them through life as well as our own concerns, family health concerns, friends with major life stuff, etc. Life doesn’t stop, but our perspective has changed and to continually see God work in our own lives, I have every faith that He has it ALL under control. I might not understand some if it, now or ever in this lifetime, but I do know without the shadow of a doubt, He IS in control and His plan is far better than anything I can ever hope for. Thanks be to God.

Until next time! Peace.

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