Finding our groove

Entering our third week of New Hampshire life and today is the first day that feels like a “normal” day. It is a day off for me and after my morning walk I knocked out some errands (grocery shop, gas, bank, etc.) and found myself with nothing to do. It is a rainy day so hiking isn’t exactly a great idea solo and taking the dog would be a muddy nightmare, so I puttered. Interesting to have a just a regular day, but in New Hampshire. Imagine that!

Our girls were here last week and we had such a good time. When I was working they explored with Hubs and when I wasn’t working I joined in the adventuring. Lots of driving. The kids took the car one day when we were both working and explored nearby Vermont and some of our area here. Stargazing in a nearby field was spectacular and warranted TWO nights of viewing. Ice cream at the local dairy and petting zoo also required TWO visits—-it’s so good. Swimming at Lake Sunapee, sampling local restaurants, farm stands, blueberry picking, a lake cruise and a little cultural intake at Dartmouth in the museums and campus area made for a full week.

Goodbye was tough and they had a canceled flight which created some life experience “pivoting” and an arrival home a day later than planned. Such is life, right?

Now we just assimilate into our area, find our way around (thankful for maps in my phone!) find new hikes and cool places to go and things to do. I guess that’s our groove now.


Fresh Blueberries!
My favorite boathouse—love that color!
We took the auto road to Mt. Kearsarge and hiked up to the summit. Gorgeous and so windy!!! I thought my baby was going to fly right off the top!
Bandit and I taking in the view
Pretend they made a heart. This was a hilarious production.
Sunset from the dairy
My pretty daily walk

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